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Private reading with Pete Jackson

One to one readings

A Private Reading with Pete Jackson

A Private Reading with Pete Jackson

Peter who has been a Medium for Nearly 20 years has read for thousands of extremely satisfied sitters.

A Private Reading with Pete Jackson can be booked using our contact form. He can visit you, you can visit the Spiritual Truth centre, or he can provide remote readings via Skype/phone.

Is he any good?

He is renowned for his evidential readings.  When you have a Private Reading with Pete Jackson, he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that your loved ones are not only still very much alive in the world of Spirit but are also fully aware of what is happening now.

What will they be like?

Once your friends and loved ones leave their physical bodies they pass to the world of spirit. Although their personalities and beliefs don’t change, they do see things from a different perspective. Peter uses many of the Clair sense to try to bring you the best evidence that can be given accurately and responsibly.  A Private Reading with Pete Jackson will show you will not only hear from Peter what they have to say, but feel their loving presence too

When you have a Private reading with Pete Jackson , you can be assured that he will put you at ease as soon as you meet. He will fully explain how he works, what will happen through the reading, and ensure that you are happy with everything throughout reading.

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Steve Gough

July 7, 2013at 6:25 pm

Hi Peter Would like face to face reading. Please let me know when this could be possible and How much. I am sick of feeling that every time I feel everything now going to be good after quite long time I still feel Im still putting one foot forward and going three/five back. Last few spiritual messages says on right track now and everything will better but I feel let down. Once again I feeling ill with my bad fortune. Love & Light Steve Look forward here from you.


August 30, 2013at 4:42 pm

Hi peter, I was just wondering if you do phone call readings?
many thanks


    September 2, 2013at 11:14 am

    Morning Carol,
    Pete does Skype readings if you have the facility.

    You are most welcome to give me a call for any further details

    Kind regards

    Karen x




October 7, 2013at 9:21 pm

Hi, I was thinking about booking Pete for a private reading. How much would it be please? X


    October 22, 2013at 2:57 pm

    Hi Laura,
    Pete’s readings are £25 recorded to c.d, if you would like to book in then give me a call to go through some dates.
    Kind regards
    Karen x



October 24, 2013at 11:47 am

Hello just wondering what are Pete’s available dates for a home visit please thank you :)

Andrew riley

November 20, 2013at 12:40 am

Hi Pete, could you please tell me the dates you are free for a private reading for a group of for in November if possible many thanks, andrew 07463166124


    December 7, 2013at 8:09 pm

    Hi Andrew, sorry ive missed your message, oops we’re in Dec, i will give you a call if youre still interested.
    Apologies for the delay




December 8, 2013at 1:08 pm

l would like to book a reading please


    December 12, 2013at 7:44 am

    Morning Irene,
    if you would like to give me a call we can arrange your reading,
    thanks for the enquiry

    kind regards


Gaynor Woods

January 15, 2014at 11:32 pm

Hi,I would like to book a private reading with Pete.

Many thanks


susan rigby

May 9, 2014at 9:40 pm

could I please book a reading with you.

kind regards
Sue x

Claire Brady

July 10, 2014at 10:03 pm

Hi Pete I knew eventually I would come across you. Since Ive had a baby (who is now 4) I haven’t been practising my spiritual stuff like I used to. Is there any thing you recommend course wise for me to kick start me. Many thanks. CB


    August 19, 2014at 8:33 am

    Good morning Claire, our next course is on Sept 24th at The Spiritual Truth Centre, St Helens if you would like to book a place on it would you give me a call and we can go through some details, this is an informal and friendly class and everyone is made very welcome.
    We do hope to see you in the near future if not at this one.

    Kind regards

    Karen & Pete


September 13, 2014at 11:43 am

Do you have 2 places for the supper on November 21st please.
Thank you


    November 2, 2014at 9:07 am

    Hi Sandra
    Can you call karen on 07739333561 and she will give you the full details xx

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