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As a spiritualist medium it is my job to not only prove the existence of life after physical death but to also prove that this life is intelligent life.

This means that your loved ones keep their personality, their memories and of course their love for you.

Not only that, they are around us  in our everyday lives, keeping an eye on how we are doing, and trying to help us and guide us.

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As a Medium and Tutor, I use all the tools I have to ensure that you get the most accurate reading possible.

As you browse my website you will see that I love to get involved in all aspect of mediumship and spirituality so that I can have a comprehensive understanding

And in turn offer you the benefit of my Eighteen years of experience.

Please take a look around and see how you like it.


Paranormal Investigation Evening

If there is anything you would like to improve, or would like to see on my site, let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.

I look forward to seeing you at a private reading, workshop, demonstration, or ghost hunts

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