01, Aug 2013


As Mediums when we choose to communicate and represent the world of spirit, we leave ourselves open to criticism from anyone who feels that it doesn’t fit in with their understanding of how the universe is laid out.

Comments like what are the lottery numbers, what am I thinking, you should already know etc etc etc. I promise you, you are not the first to say it, and you won’t be the last (We really have heard them all)

To be honest, I just smile at the comments and criticism and pretend that I find them funny.


We humans will always have strong and varying opinions on every subject matter known to man, and that is what makes us Unique.


What makes it all worthwhile is the fact that in my own mind I know that we live on after physical death, we are able to communicate, and guide our friends and loved ones from a higher plane, and yes I can prove that.


As I constantly say, you will never change the mind of a sceptic that doesn’t want their mind changing, nor should you try.  We should just enjoy our journey, smile at the negative comments, trust in your own spirit, and be who you want to be.


Your spiritual journey is your own, and you should never try to walk in another’s footsteps.


Each print should be your own unique footprint.


So irrespective of where you are on your journey, stop and rest for a while, take in what you have seen and experienced

continue with a smile, and know that you are not alone.

Pete Jackson

One thought on “About us Mediums

  1. So true Pete. We are still vilified by narrow minded people. But they know we’re to go when they need you! We never try to convert people from their own faith, for its that faith that gets them through their turmoil. Follow your path with content. Accept what you are given with humility and always bring peace to troubled souls. God Bless

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