26, Jan 2015

Spiritual Truth Centre

Absolute Beginners course


Pete Jackson

Keep an eye out for our next course

Runs for 6 consecutive Wednesdays

£30 for the full course

This course is now full but please look out for our next one 

beginners coming soon

 Everything you wanted to know about spirit but were too shy to ask

Do you want to learn how to develop your psychic & mediumistic abilities or Or just how the Psyche works?

This 6 part course is designed for anyone who would like to understand the fundamentals of the spirit, and how it works in conjunction with our mind and bodies

This course is designed for all levels

Whether you are an absolute beginner or if you have been developing but would just like a refresh

This is the course for you

What happens when you die?

Whats and Aura, and do you have one

what are Chakras, what are their functions

Do I have clogged Chakras?

What is meditation for, and how can I do it?

Chakra activation by meditation - 2

In this series of workshops Pete will take you through talks and experiments designed to help you understand what it takes to become aware of  your own spirit.

Remember this course isn’t necessarily about training as a medium, it is developing you as a spirit which will enhance your awareness for many purposes

There will be no awkward moments where you have to stand in front of an audience

This is a course for working with energies, showing you how to build yours, helping your mind and body to become one

You will also be shown

How to understand and read with colour

How to build and protect your energy

The difference between guides, gatekeepers and helpers

Meditation for various purposes

To be aware of and use your main Clair senses

(Clairvoyance Clairaudience Clairsentience claircognizance)


Cut me 2

New course

coming soon

Spiritual Truth Centre

87a Higher Parr St

St Helens WA9 1AD

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7 thoughts on “Absolute Beginners Workshop

  1. Just finished six week beginners course and thoroughly enjoyed it. Pete and Karen are a wonderful couple who made us all feel at ease. Pete made learning fun and simple, can’t thank him enough for all he has taught me. Looking forward to learning more.

    • Hi Lesley
      That’s a shame. We will have some more coming up soon, so hopefully you will be able to make it to one in the future. hope to meet soon.

  2. Do you do any of these classes local to Eccles in Manchester, I have had some training and would like to do some Meditation .

    • Hi Margaret, We don’t have anything in Manchester at the moment but please do keep an eye on our website for upcoming events

  3. Hi, I hope you don’t mind me asking but I’d love to come on an absolute beginners course at your center and was wondering whether you have another course planned. I find this subject absolutely fascinating and would love to come along and meet you both…
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Laraine
      Thank you for your comment, we will be holding more beginners workshops and classes later in the year. please feel free to sign up for our newsletter or keep popping back for our upcoming events.
      Hope to speak soon

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