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Tarot cards have a mixed reception across the world, some will describe them with a negative outlook

But this of course is not the case for everyone.  For many (used properly) the Tarot cards are a release from what has been a difficult period in the sitters life.  And a sign that the potential is there for it to get better.  For some however, the very mention of Tarot cards strikes fear in to their very heart.


The general reason for tarot having a bad name is that many religions would condemn anything that was esoteric or not in line with their beliefs. There are still many people that still condemn the cards as evil.  The Catholic Church allegedly call them the devils picture book

Tarot Card

The history of Tarot Cards

There is no definite date for when the tarot cards first appeared but they allege to have been around since the fifteenth century and have been used for many purposes, some say they originated from ancient Egypt but there is no definitive proof of that. It was only around the eighteenth century that they started to acquire a mystical value


Translating Tarot Card Meanings

There are 78 cards and they were originally used as playing cards.  The Tarot cards are divided in to 2 types, Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana

Contains 56 cards usually Pentacles Swords, Wands and cups


The Major Arcana

Consists of 22 cards starting with the fool (0) and ending wing with the World (21)

They depict the Archetypal journey of a human life from birth to our transition to the spirit world

As a Medium and Tutor, I have used and taught the Tarot cards for many years.  I use the Mythic tarot myself and find that the story around them fascinating.  It brings the cards to life and contains some real colourful characters. I could talk about the journey of the fool (Dionysus the twice born) for hours, but you have to read it yourself to appreciate the imagination of the magical story that unfolds, My readings as a professional however are mostly intuitive with some general use of the story depending on the situation, I also teach mainly intuitive reading, simply because there are so many different decks, and even if you settle for one specific deck, it can take you years to learn all the meanings.

Everyone is Psychic

Don’t forget that Everyone is Psychic, Yes you too. This means that without any understanding of any card you can translate the meaning.  All you have to do is look at the card, see what stands out to you, (A colour, An expression, a particular part of the card etc etc.) observe how it makes you feel, and allow it to recall a memory in your life, you may also recall a memory of someone else’s event in their life, this is perfectly natural, it is your Psyche drawing your attention to the cards meaning. you have to allow your imagination to run free when working intuitively else it won’t work.

As a reader you can choose to bring to life the journey of the fool in readings, as each card and position represents a stage in a person’s life. Their challenges and dilemmas, as we all struggle with similar types of experiences. Like all life on earth there are good times and not so good times, the Tarot cards are an excellent way of depicting where our life is and where it is going, but they only work if we read and follow them correctly, like life itself your tarot card reading is not set in stone so everyone has the opportunity and the free will to change direction.  I just think that used correctly, the tarot can give us clarity to follow a particular direction.

Tarot card Spreads

Celtic cross

Once again there are many spreads you can use and it depends on the answers you or your sitter require.  In my opinion The Celtic cross is the most powerful and in depth, and it can cove such a large area of someones life, however they are your cards, your interpretation so you must find a spread that suits you and the situation.  The internet search engines are great for researching different spreads and can cover much more than I can in this blog

Whatever way you choose to read, whatever cards you decide on, you have to build your relationship wit Tarot card, allow yourself to feel them.  there are many stories about cards, should they have to be a gift? do they need to be blessed, do i have to cleanse them daily, the list is endless.

My answer is you must do what you feel. I purchased mine myself, I haven’t had them blessed nor do I intend to, and I don’t cleanse them. they are after all a pack of cards. A great pack of cards ones that you can bring you so much enjoyment, but still a pack of cards.  Remember the magic is in YOU

 Choosing a Tarot Card Set

If you are thinking about buying some Tarot cards it is difficult to choose the right ones for you, and it can prove expensive to buy different ones until you find the ones you gel with, My advice is to look around on the internet, at Psychic fairs also known as Mind body and Spirit fairs (MBS fairs). Ask Mediums and tarot readers about there’s.. you are sure to come along a deck that work for you. they don’t have to be expensive, nor 500 years old, you just have to like them and feel them.  So once again, be intuitive. And so begins your journey.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like a reading or have any questions about this or any other subject I talk about.

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