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Anger – that lower place in your soul,
the emotion that stops you from reaching your goal.
Where is it from; what is its game?
Happiness and anger are they the same?
Both are emotions, both are real.
Both are a way of making you feel
that you’re still alive, still feeling pain.
But one is a loss and one is a gain.
Never send anger away for good;

it’s something that should always be there in your blood.
Just learn to control it and keep it in check
and never allow it to make you a wreck.
Now about happiness what can we say?
Is that an imposter that’s just here for today?
It’s only around when your life is good
and when it leaves you it goes with a thud.

Is happiness a good friend or just fair weather?
Is it something that should be with you whatever?
Emotions are aliens that play with your heart,
but remember to keep them, you must never part.
Because they are part of your ups and your downs,
they are the cause of your smiles and frowns.
So remember you need them both by your side,
because when they go, that’s when you have died.

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