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Beginners mediumship workshop

Welcome to my 2018 one day beginners Mediumship workshop

Saturday 16th June 2018

10:30 – 16:00

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This Workshop is Ideal for absolute beginners to intermediate

How much you do is up to you

There is no pressure to stand in front of the group

Plenty of exercises to suit everyone’s needs and ability


Due to popular demand 

Pete Jackson brings you this exciting  workshop to the Spiritual Truth Centre

I have called it a beginners workshop for two reasons

  1. It will allow those who are new to mediumship to feel comfortable knowing that the content will fit their level of understanding
  2. For those already on their journey it will give you a chance to go back to basics, and re-visit the techniques that we have forgotten
  • Whatever your level this workshop will be both fun and challenging, and you will leave with renewed passion and confidence
  • This workshop will help you to move forward with your development where ever you think you are

There are so many styles of teaching which can over complicate the way and the depth of communication,

so by relaxing and enjoying your development you can dig so much deeper in to your feeling and understanding of your own spirituality

This will enhance your communication to a level you never thought would be achievable.


Workshop content:

  • Understanding what happens when you die (Discussion)
  • How important is it to open up and close yourself down? (Discussion)
  • How to meditate to find your own spirit
  • Knowing when its us and when it is spirit
  • Understanding the difference between psychic and spiritual communication
  • Psychic communication
  • Spirit communication
  • Lots of fun and effective exercises that you can take with you and practice

The cost for the day is £25

Spiritual Truth Centre
87 Higher Parr st



St Helens, Merseyside

Call Karen for more information or to secure your place



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