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One hundred Poems

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One Hundred Poems

One Hundred Poems

Over the past few years I have been writing poems inspired by my friends in the Spirit world

One Hundred poems will give you a Myriad of emotions, some will make you laugh out loud and some will bring you to tears.

Some you will relate to an event in your life now or in the past, some are seasonal and some are topical.  Every poem your read will invoke a reaction that will take you on an emotional journey

mark thomas


As soon as I heard of Peter’s book of poems being published I immediately bought one. “One Hundred Poems” is a collection of poems that can be easily read time after time. I randomly open the book onto a page and read a poem. An immediate connection can be felt and I can relate to the poems on a personal level. Some of the poems give direction, with the emotions being felt through Peter’s words. The words are simple but are very powerful. I have no personal favourite as I often open the book and find one that relates to what I’m personally experiencing at the moment. I have already shared the book with many friends, who can relate to certain poems in the book. This book will continue to take centre stage on my coffee table and I look forward to the next one.”



This book is an emotional rollercoaster brings out laughter and tears. So true to life.

My favourite poem I think is “you are strange” page 129. Although I did find it hard to choose a favourite as so many of them relate and describe my own life’s journey.

Thanks for this book and making people realise they are not the only one to endure these challenges put in our path.  Brings comfort to know we are not alone xx

Take a sneak preview of some of the poems in the book

Where can we go

Where can a lion walk with a deer
and there’s no killer instinct
or natural fear?
Where can the sun shine on the snow
yet not melt it, just make it glow?
Where can man fight, but only use talk
and walk safely along streets of New York?

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Anger – that lower place in your soul,
the emotion that stops you from reaching your goal.
Where is it from; what is its game?
Happiness and anger are they the same?
Both are emotions, both are real.
Both are a way of making you feel
that you’re still alive, still feeling pain.
But one is a loss and one is a gain.

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Facebook and the drama,

showing all our life,

talking about our estranged hubby,

or how we love our wife.

Just had dinner, got a beer,

tell you what I did last year.

Read a status, put a like,

tell some friends to take a hike.

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