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Weekly Psychic/Mediumship Development class

Weekly Psychic/Mediumship Development Class

Every Thursday 7pm – 9pm

Learning should be fun

Psychic development

Pete is a well known and respected Medium and Tarot reader

He is popular because of his passion and understanding of individual needs.

The evidence and personality given is second to none

It is important for peter to stress that this passion is not exclusive to any individual and that the potential is in every one of us

How far we want to take that is down to our own personal desire and day to day commitments.

Like every chosen passion/profession we will only ever get out of something what we put in to it.

Speed reading

The class will consist of Pete talking about his experiences in all aspect of psychic and Tarot development combined with practical exercises to suit your level and help you with your individual journey.

In Pete’s class he stresses that the only thing you need to do is enjoy yourself

There is no pressure to get it right, to provide evidence or to put yourself under any unnecessary pressure.

 Pete insists that Evidence is just an end product of your relationship with the spirit world, and the more relaxed you are, the more you allow yourself to be open to communication, and so follows a beautiful and pure connection.

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There will be no pressure at any of Pete’s classes to stand up in front of anyone, you will be encouraged to work at your own pace to reach and fulfil your own goals.

So why should you come to Pete’s class?

Pete say’s

When you are developing your Psychic or mediumship skills it is important that you develop them from someone who has empathy, and has walked the path that you are looking to walk.

Petes Angels

 Also remember that Pete will always advise you to try lots of classes and teachers

each one has their own unique style and will compliment your understanding and development. 

Pete’s class is one that you can come and go as you please; there is no commitment to come every week.

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When you enter the Spiritual Truth Centre you will leave all your stresses and strains at the door,

You will enter in to a relaxed friendly atmosphere where you can just be yourself.

Pete has nearly twenty years experience in working with energy.  He has an excellent reputation for understanding your and putting your needs first.  Your development and personal needs will always come first.

At the spiritual Truth Centre, not only will you be greeted with a nice cuppa, a biscuit and a warm loving energised environment, but you will meet new people that share your passion, your nervousness and eagerness to learn.

Many have described the Spiritual Truth centre as Fingerpost’s little bit of heaven

So why not come and see what everyone is talking about?

You know you want to

Every thursday

Spiritual Truth Centre


Higher Parr St

St Helens WA9 1AD

7pm – 9pm

Some of the content of Pete’s classes

 learn how to develop your psychic & mediumistic abilities or Or just how the Psyche works? These classes are designed for anyone who would like to understand the fundamentals of the spirit and how it works in conjunction with our mind and bodies.

What happens when you die?

when you die

 What is an Aura, do you have one? What are chakras,

 Aura chakra

What are their functions Do I have clogged Chakras?

 Chakra activation by meditation - 2

What is meditation for, and how can I do it?


Pete will take you through talks and experiments designed to help you understand what it takes to become aware of your own spirit.

Remember these classes aren’t just about training as a medium, it is developing you as a spirit which will enhance your self awareness for many purposes.


You will be working with energies, finding out how to build yours, and helping your mind and body to become one.


You will also be shown How to understand and read with colour How to build and protect your energy The difference between guides, gatekeepers and helpers Meditation for various purposes


To be aware of and use your main Clair senses (Clairvoyance Clairaudience Clairsentience claircognizance)

You will be encouraged to have an inquisitive mind, be aware of personal responsibility and most importantly……………..


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As past pupils already know, Pete guides according to your ability and makes everyone feel at ease

Look forward to seeing you on a Thursday evening….

For more information call Karen on

07739 333561

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