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Digging Deep Workshop

The Spiritual Truth Centre offers Workshops in North West UK.

We have a choice of Weekday, Weekly, Saturday, Sunday and full Weekend workshops that you can attend.

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Our next workshop is

Digging Deep

digging deep

This Workshop is Ideal for Beginners to Intermediate.



How much you do is up to you

There is no pressure to stand in front of the group

Plenty of exercises to suit everyone’s needs and ability


Pete Jackson brings you his exciting new workshop to the Spiritual Truth Centre.

 This workshop will help you to move forward with your development where ever you think you are…………………

So many styles of teaching can over complicate the way and the depth of communication



By relaxing and enjoying your development you can dig so much deeper in to your feeling and understanding of your own spirituality

This will enhance your communication to a level you never thought would be achievable

The workshop is aimed at moving forward with your mediumship development.


On this workshop you will be able to (or assisted to) work psychically and spiritually, demonstrate your ability to give messages.


Spiritual Truth Centre
87 Higher Parr st



St Helens, Merseyside

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