Upon the fields of Flanders

My memory shall roam

The days the hours the minutes

I count to going home

It wasn’t for my country

That I stood there to fight

It’s what my heart believed in

To help to put things right

Don’t stand and give me praise today

Save it for those who live

And help us mend our warring ways

Help us to forgive

Love me as your family

But not for my part in war

Love me on the day I returned

The way you did before

I may return home different

Or maybe not at all

It’s for the love of humankind

That I’m prepared to fall

In a hundred years we’ll have world peace

Or at least that is my dream

The fields of Flanders when we look

Will be bright and fresh and clean

War is not the answer no matter what they say

So let us search for peace on earth

On this Remembrance Day

By Peter Jackson

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