How can you convince someone who doesn’t believe in psychic activity that you are gifted as opposed to insane?

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There are so very many people who think or say, “Psychic or spiritual communication is unreal. I don’t believe it. You cannot make contact with someone who is dead. You cannot know my past, present or future. It’s just not possible”. They think your services are made up or you’re a crank, only out to make money from unsuspecting people.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It may be easier or more comfortable for some people to shut off their senses and pretend psychic activity is not real.

In the words of Peter Jackson, a  Medium at The Spiritual Truth Centre, St Helens, UK,

“You can’t actually convince someone who doesn’t believe and who doesn’t want to believe. Either their belief will come, or it won’t. The only way to prove it is to try it out in practice.”

Peter and his wife Karen regularly offer one to one readings and get booked up most weekends. Karen has also given over more time to doing this during week days too as their services are so popular, accurate and provide comfort to those wanting to have a ‘reading’.
There are 2 types of communications that a Medium can give to you.
1. Spiritual readings (contact with a loved one)
2. Psychic readings (about one’s own life path)


What is a Spiritual reading and can you always give one?

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This is communication from a loved one that has passed on. The simple honest answer is no, you cannot always give this type of reading. There are many factors that are involved in communicating with a loved one. Sometimes (albeit on very rare occasions) it just doesn’t happen. There may be no message on that day or we may have an off day (mediums are human after all!) We are always honest with clients about this.
Most times, however, there is a message to be received. I can’t count how many times we have proven to people that their loved ones do not just survive physical death but they progress and walk with us in our daily life, inspire us, love us and guide us.
What is a Psychic Reading?

psychic reading

A psychic reading is where we talk about things that have happened and are happening now in your life. It is ultimately is about connecting to your spirit, and reading your life: past, present and future. We all follow a spiritual path and psychic guidance can sometimes help us with our journey. You can read our blog post about what happens at a Psychic reading to find out more.
What sort of people come to you? Do they always believe it’s going to work?
Some people come along as cynics, some with an open mind and some as firm believers. Peter and Karen are used to dealing with a range of belief systems and varying states of readiness. Interestingly, regardless of the beliefs that people come with, messages will still come through. Peter explains, “You can offer the facts based on your understanding of the spirit that you are communicating with at the time. Either on stage, in a spiritualist church or one to one, Karen and I have read for thousands of people in our combined 30 or so years as mediums.”
Why do people come for spiritual readings?
We live in such a difficult world, with daily reminders of horrendous tragedies like hunger, suffering and violence that leads people to want to believe in something better, whether it’s a better life in this world or the next. People need reassurance and a connection with a better, more peaceful existence.
To know that this exists for them and for their loved ones. They may be seeking comfort that their loved ones who have passed on, are now at peace.
Having said all this, there are people who come to prove that we are wrong! They think they cannot be ‘read’. As with anyone, sometimes they can, sometimes they can’t.
Does having a belief in God affect spiritual readings either way?
Pretty much everyone has a concept of God, irrespective of whether they believe or not. But God isn’t really a factor in deciding on the validity of a spiritual message.
As Mediums, we have spent many years giving messages from loved ones. This isn’t something that suddenly happened. It’s an inner-knowing that we have had all our life. This gift exists within us, as part of our skill set, just like you might be good with numbers or be a great sales person.
Why did you choose to continue with your gifts?
Communicating with loved ones that have passed is something we do because we truly believe and are passionate about our belief. We love to help others find peace, healing and answers.
The best way to prove or disprove anything is to try it out in practice. Come for a reading and make up your own mind whether you believe!

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