Hypnosis and the Myths behind it

Hypnosis comes with a resultant wealth of benefits to your wellbeing, health and life in general.

Whilst hypnosis is very popular, it can also be quite misunderstood. We aim to dispel some of those

myths by discussing them openly and invite you to share your experiences of hypnosis by

commenting on this article.

Myth 1

There are misconceptions around hypnosis, possibly based on watching staged performances,

which we will explore later in this article.

For now, let’s look at some of the issues that we help clients overcome at the Spiritual Truth Centre:

 Stopping smoking

 Better sleeping patterns

 Weight loss

 Easing physical pain

 Minimising or eliminating fears and phobias

 Reduce stress and anxiety

 Improve stress related conditions like IBS and headaches

 Achieving your life aims

 Exploring your past through past life regression

Myth 2

What happens during Hypnosis and why does it work?

During hypnosis, you are guided by the practitioner into a relaxed state then as you relax, your brain

waves slow down. Once in this state, any suggestions made are able to bypass your amygdala (the

part of your brain responsible for fear conditioning) and be delivered straight to the subconscious

mind, which is now more receptive to new programming (e.g. overcoming fears without your brain

resisting it so much).

The slower brain waves produce a heightened state of mental clarity and concentration. It is not like

being asleep at all, rather like being highly aware. You would be in a state of ‘deep suggestibility’, so

messages given to improve outcomes can bypass the intellectual barriers put up by your brain.

Once you have absorbed those messages, you will then be more likely to actually carry out those

messages into your behaviour following the session.

Due to the state of subconscious concentration that you would be in, replacing new thought

patterns will help you deeply let go of old negative and limiting thought patterns, beliefs and

feelings. They are replaced with positive and life affirming suggestions, creative ideas, and new

insights more in tune with your current desires.


Myths about Hypnosis

We are well aware that many clients come to us sceptical about hypnosis; they may even say:


“I’m scared. Can it go wrong?”

Some people fear they will lose control and end up doing something they don’t want to do (which

may have arisen due to watching supposedly entertaining stage shows which is very far from the

reality of how we use hypnosis at The Spiritual Truth centre!)


Another myth is that someone else is ‘doing something to you’ by hypnotising you, which is also

Incorrect as all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis.

The person who is hypnotised is fully in charge of the

experience whether self-hypnotising or working with a hypnotherapist in a live session.

You cannot be hypnotised against your will and you may end a session at any time by opening your eyes!

Another myth is that hypnotherapy always works and that it works the first time.

Outcomes vary by person and sometimes people will benefit from a series of sessions to ensure that repeated

messages are more deeply embedded for longer lasting positive change.

The question remains


Do you have something holding you back in your life that hypnosis could resolve?



Do get in touch with us by email or telephone to discuss how hypnotherapy might help

improve your particular issue.


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2 thoughts on “Hypnosis myths

  1. Hello. Could you please send me more information about your hypnosis treatment? I am in chronic pain and not very mobile. I have gained a lot of weight. I am trying to learn to swim but fear and pain is holing me back. I would be grateful for any information from you.
    Regards Teresa .

    • Hello Teresa thank you for your enquiry.
      Each treatment or course is tailored to individual needs, I can off a free half hour consultation to go through you difficulties and discuss the best way to help.
      please give Karen a call if you like on 07739 333561 and she can book you in at your convenience
      Kind regards

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