The blinkered

It saddens me to see such bigoted and blinkered views about how mediumship should be demonstrated or practiced

Especially when it comes from those who should know better and claim to hold the key to the safe that stores the rule book for communicating with the spirit world

In actual fact the key, the safe and the book does not exist except for in the minds of those people.

So what is Mediumship?

Mediumship and all its derivatives is firstly about learning to understand your own spirit and understanding that you are a part of the bigger picture that contains both incarnate and discarnate spirits

Whether you focus on angels, guides, Buddha Christianity, Catholicism etc, it matters not. It is your journey and yours alone.

If you choose to share it you must expect differences of opinion, that is what makes the world go round, but you should stay true to yourself and accept the differences.

You can’t force your beliefs on to other people, and you shouldn’t allow others beliefs to be forced on to you.

In the physical sense where we are doing a physical job that requires procedure and skill there has to be a particular way for it to work,

Mental Mediumship however is subjective so will always be personal interpretation

There are two types of Mediumship

Physical Mediumship (Objective: where you see and hear with your normal senses)


Mental Mediumship (Subjective: Where you use your sixth sense)


My focus has always been on mental mediumship

And to some degree there is a method and structure for developing your spiritual awareness and developing as a medium.

But ultimately to be the best you can be you have do it your way and just be YOU

I am a spiritualist, not necessarily in the religious sense but I do have a belief and respect for the religion.

So what does a medium believe happens to us when we die?

My belief and ethic is simple. We are here to live this physical life and when our body can no longer sustain life we die.

The things we have learned, the people we have loved, the mistakes we have made, along with the good deeds etc etc etc all come with us as part of our spirit when we make that transition to the higher side of life.

For simplicity our life on the other side is very similar to our life on the earth but without the stresses and anger that we no doubt experienced in the physical life. We also meet our loved ones that have gone before us and they will show us around

We do also have to ability to look back on our lives and help correct some of the things we could have done better and of course we are able to communicate with our loved ones that we have left behind who miss us and wonder what has happened to us.


Many have mentioned that they are aware of the spirit of their loved one via a particular smell, a feeling, a dream etc. There are endless ways for a loved on that has passed to let those that we have left behind know that we are still present, but a very effective way to communicate is via a Spirit medium.

Using a Spirit Medium can give you an impartial message from a loved one and help to take away any worries that you had.

The loved one can also give you guidance and advice which of course you can choose whether to follow or not to follow (you perhaps didn’t follow their advice when you were here) and they still have their strong opinions or personalities that they had when they were here, but they are of course much more objective and relaxed now.

A well trained medium can bring so much comfort to those that have lost a loved one regardless of the time that has past.  They all work in very different ways but ultimately however they work, if they say they have a communicator you should be able to feel it and know it, not just by evidence, but by their expressions, their mannerisms that should reflect your loved one, the things they say, the way they bring their personality etc.

How do you view your Mediumship?

Beginners Course

Regular Spiritual development classes

As a simple person my idea of mediumship is simple, and I try to keep it that way in my teaching too.

Of course I am aware of what I call my team (guides helpers inspirers etc) with whom over the years I have built a trusting and strong bond with.  So much so that I can trust and leave them to do their thing when I am ready to give a communication leaving me with just one task.

Having a chat with your loved one, it is important for me to have a good relationship with my communicator and recipient alike and bring through the personality the things they loved and the things they didn’t love so much.  When you communicate with the spirit world there is no set way as each communicator is different so I let them come through in their own unique way.

How do you teach?

You can’t teach mediumship, you really can’t

You can help with awareness, how to use your senses to the best of your ability, how to present yourself and your communicator, how to find your own spirit, how to understand the difference between psychic and spirit mediumship, but mediumship is personal to each individual and as such has to be their own expression of the way that their spirit is touched.


Of course there has to be a discipline in anything you do, you don’t want to be switched on to spirit 24/7 you would be exhausted so you need to discipline yourself just as you would with any training or development but you must also love what you do, and have fun doing it, else you shouldn’t be doing it.

Why not not give it a try and come along to one of my classes at the Spiritual Truth Centre in St Helens

And don’t worry if you have never done it before, or if you are an experienced Medium

My classes cover all levels

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