Merry Christmas


From the Spiritual Truth Centre

Being a spiritual person in 2014 or in any year is very difficult.

There are so many negative things happening around the world, and the Media is full of stories of disasters and tragedies.

Even the mad rush to buy last minute pressies and food before Christmas causes mayhem and frustration.  Queues 9 deep at the supermarket, Trolleys and shoppers going in to attack mode as soon as they enter the supermarket, and even the most spiritual people tend to develop the Angry Shopper Syndrome, and release a mouthful of language that could quite possibly be a prayer in Latin (but I doubt that is what it is)

To add to the potential negative there are the homeless that suffer an extra blow because it is winter, and as a festive race (with the exception of the homeless) we pray for snow, but don’t tend to venture out when it does.   It does look pretty though doesn’t it?

If you have a spare blanket, clothes or food please donate them to anyone that you think may need them.  We can look at the world through our rose tinted glasses and see a perfect place, but alas it isn’t and we can do our bit to help to put it right.

But we mustn’t forget what this time of year is about; it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and the giving and receiving of gifts. A time when family come together, stand around the piano and sing festive songs whilst drinking Mulled wine and eating homemade mince pies.

A tradition that brings hope, cheer and goodwill to all.  A time that we can forget the difficulties and squabbles, and everything else that distresses you

We never know what is going on in people’s lives, and will never understand why the things that happen: happen.

But remember you are a spiritual person and you have the ability to rise above all that is negative

And find that inner peace.  If you try to be spiritual then you are doing it wrong, just be you and enjoy what this Christmas is about

Merry Christmas to everyone who knows us, and those we’ve yet to meet xx


Pete and Karen


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