An overview of my Mediumship

An overview of my Mediumship


Today I want to talk about the various aspects of my profession and break it down into categories which I hope you will not only find interesting but will answer some of the questions you may have about the Mediumship.

When I speak to people as a whole and mention that I am a Spiritual Medium, they are fascinated and mostly request an on the spot reading.

I always politely refuse and explain that a reading is a very special and personal thing that should not be given halfheartedly in the middle of a street or office and without time to prepare your own spirit.

I do however love talking about the subject as it is a passion which will always be with me.

Some people that come to me are interested in receiving a reading to find out there future, some want to hear from there loved ones, and some want both.  It depends on the individual and there needs at that time. I mostly do do both, but I am always guided my my intuition.  And if I could have £1 for every time someone has asked me for the lottery numbers, well put it this way I wouldn’t need to put the lottery on 🙂

There are of course those that are genuinely interested and eager to hear from their loved ones to know that they are OK, and want reassurance that they are watching over.  A true spiritual communication is a very powerful thing and can change a person’s life forever, so it is important that we do this with a full understanding of the responsibility and trust that is given to us.


Who can be a Medium?

Some believe that this is a gift that can only be done by special people who were born on the change of a moon at the 13th hour just as a bolt of lightning hit the maternity ward (you catch my drift )

Psychic and mediumistic ability to a greater or lesser degree is actually in every single living person on the planet and is certainly not restricted to any individual.  I believe the quality of the mediumship belonging to an individual is very much dependant on many things.

Timing, Practice, the right meditation, commitment, passion and of course a concept.


Where do our loved ones go?

Do you ever wonder where our loved ones go when the physical body dies? Do they go to heaven? What is heaven? Who lives there? How do they live? Do they meet Elvis?

An overview of my Mediumship

There are many questions that are still left unanswered about what happens when you die, and if you ask 100 people you will probably get 100 different answers.  We won’t truly know until we make that journey ourselves, but whatever it is we must have a belief and hope that all this isn’t for nothing.

To me Heaven (or as I like to call it the Spirit world) is where we go when our physical body dies.

It is very much like the world that we live in now except there is no hatred or violence or any of the atrocities that we experience here.

 (There are different realms and the lower realms are where negative spirits dwell but that is for another blog)

Of course the spirit world is aware of what goes on in the physical world especially around the loved ones they left behind

Once we pass to the Spirit world we have homes and communities and even work, everything is made from love and the power of positive thought, we meet the loved ones that have gone before us.  There are no restrictions to what we can achieve so long as our consciousness allows.

That is my understanding and concept of the spirit world and this has helped me develop my mediumship to where it is now.


What do they do when they get there?

An overview of my Mediumship

I believe that the first thing we do when we pass to the spirit world is reflect upon our life here on the earth.  We look at how we could have done things better; did we follow our chosen path?


We also look at those we have left behind and those we may have hurt through our life and we try to put it right so that our own spirit can progress.  We do of course also learn how to communicate with those we have left behind, either through direct contact (our loved ones will notice a smell, a taste, an emotion or something significant) all this will mostly be subjective.

We go to a medium, and if the Medium is well tuned they will be able to have a conversation with our loved ones,  When a Medium gives a message from the spirit world the recipient should not only receive evidence, but they should also be able to feel the presence of their love on themselves.

There are many ways a medium communicates with the spirit world usually through mental mediumship in which they receive the information subjectively, this can be through many of the Clair senses, but the most common ones used are

Clairvoyance (seeing) Clairaudience (hearing) Clairsentience (feeling) Claircognisance (knowing)

Where can I get the information I need?

If you would like a reading or would like to develop your mediumship or Psychic ability it is important that you find a Medium or Tutor suited to your personality and needs.

I would always advise that you choose a Medium that comes recommended.  You will most certainly know of someone that has been for a reading or is developing.  I have the Spiritual Truth Centre in St Helens that offers many services.

My details are at the bottom of this page, but there are Spiritualist churches in most towns and cities that you can attend.  You should always feel comfortable and be able to discuss any issues or concerns before a reading or class/Workshop.

87a Higher Par Street
St Helens
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