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Winsford DemPublic Demonstrations

Pete Jackson’s is renowned spiritual medium with  a glowing reputation: His clients have referred to him as a “passionate” and “brilliant” professional with a clear and close relationship with the spirit world

Putting you at ease.

Putting you at ease

Private One to One readings

He is renowned for his evidential readings.  When you have a Private Reading with Pete Jackson, he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that your loved ones are not only still very much alive in the world of Spirit but are also fully aware of what is happening now.

One of Pete Jackson's development classes

One of Pete Jackson’s development classes

Regular development classes

I have been running successful workshops and classes for some time now, and have never come across anyone who has not been able to make a good strong link to the spirit world and prove intelligent life exists.

spirit leaving the body

Past life regression

Who were you in a past life? a roman, a Priest? a house maid, or a member of royalty? Peter can take you through a journey of your past lives.  (Can also help with phobia’s)

Chakra activation by meditation - 2


Everybody needs a time-out, and Meditation at the Spiritual Truth centre is the place to have it.

You will be taken on a journey of the mind and spirit.

A chance to spend some you time, and take in the calm serene surroundings. definitely worth a visit

Encaustic art pic

Encaustic art

Creativity with molten wax colours might sound complex, but in practise it is achievable for almost everyone, from simple therapy & relaxation all the way to fine art. Once your painting is finished, it will tell the reader all about you from colours and objects within the painting

The list of options in our services will show that with guidance, I can help you to grow spiritually whether you want to become a working Medium, a Paranormal Investigator, or whether you just want to get in touch with your inner self.

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Healing (Spiritual and Reiki)

Another of Our Services is Reiki.  Be it Healing or Attunement

Pete is a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and can help you with your journey

If you want to know more about our services or about what we can offer you at Spiritual Truth, then please contact Karen

Tel 07739 333561

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