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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression with Peter Jackson


Peter Jackson is Professional Hypnotherapist (DHP.Acc.Hyp)

He is also a member of the Professional Hypnotherapy association (PHPA)

Peter Says

It is my belief that our soul or spirit has experienced many lives.

Through an altered state via Deep relaxation using a gentle hypnotic induction most people can access their past lives

This altered subjective state is mostly experienced through a kind of day dream.

Many people believe that Hypnosis renders the patient virtually unconscious, at which point they have no control over anything they do

This cannot be further from the truth, practiced correctly Hypnosis is a gentle meditative state that enable the patient to reached a relaxed state, thus relaxing the conscious mind enabling the subconscious to be communicated with directly


The subconscious stores the positive and negative experiences that we have had in our life, and those memories can potentially have an effect on who we become in our adult lives.

Accessing a past life can be done for many reasons which is mostly for a sense of adventure and experience.

It can of course also help with unexplained fears, phobias and behaviours

Memories and experiences can also be carried from a past life, some say that if we haven’t dealt with something in our past life can be carried over to a present life.

Whatever reason you decide on past life regression it can (if you allow it) be one of the most powerful experiences you will ever have.

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