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A Private Reading with Pete or Karen

Pete and Karen together have over 30 years experience have read for hundreds of satisfied sitters.

A Private Reading with Pete or Karen Jackson can be booked using our Shop facility. they can visit you, you can visit the Spiritual Truth centre, or they can provide remote readings via Skype/phone.

Are they any good?

Pete and Karen are renowned for there evidential readings.

When you have a Private Reading with Pete or Karen, they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that your loved ones are not only still very much alive in the world of Spirit but are also fully aware of what is happening now.


What will they be like?

Once your friends and loved ones leave their physical bodies they pass to the world of spirit. Although their personalities and beliefs don’t change, they do see things from a different perspective. Peter and Karen use many of the Clair sense to try to bring you the best evidence that can be given accurately and responsibly.  A Private Reading with Pete or Karen will show you will not only hear  what they have to say, but feel their loving presence too

When you have a Private reading, you can be assured that they will put you at ease as soon as you meet. they will fully explain how they work, what will happen through the reading, and ensure that you are happy with everything throughout reading.


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What Pete’s clients say


I was introduced to the Spirit World nearly 3 years ago following a reading from Peter Jackson. Having gone into the reading with a “I’m not being fooled by this” attitude, I came out as an emotional wreck. Peter gave so much evidence to back everything up and the connection was immediate. Since then I have regularly visited Peter



I thought the reading was brillliant, was so pleased when my mum made contact straight away. Will definitely recommending Peter to everyone and be back for another reading. Thank you.




Just had a lovely reading from Peter Jackson good evidence given and very accurate I was slightly nervous but was quickly put at ease by Peters natural calming influence would definitely recommend to anybody. Thank you Peter x

Hayley Summerfield


Just had a fabulous reading from Pete, very accurate and professional. Would highly recommend.

Danny Summerfield


Just received a Skype reading from Pete Jackson and it was brilliant!! Felt just like having a reading with him in front of me 🙂 Would definitely recommend it, very clear and concise and answered the question I had about my life right now and the immediate future. Spot on with all of the info given 🙂

Tracey (Majorca, Spain)


Thank you so much for my lovely reading over Skype, it was lovely also to hear your voice for the very first time.
Everything that was mentioned in my reading was so true and i can’t thank you enough .
I was so happy to hear from my nan , she was my rock and is missed deeply.
A big thank you once again xxxxxxxx


Clair Anderson

Pete thank you sooo much for your free skype reading, It came at the most perfect time for me, can’t express how much I appreciate it! you and your cards read me and my life at the moment to a tee! really impressed, keep up the good work thanks again, love & light Clair xx


Debbie Cooper

Hi Pete,
just wanted to thank you for my Skype reading today. I really enjoyed it and you were very accurate with the Tarot Cards.
I got the answers to a couple of questions I had and you told me a few things I need to think about aswell.
When my Grandad came through, your information and evidence was accurate. He was a wonderful man and is missed very much.
Thank you very much and I would recommend you to other people.
I dont think i would of got any better reading face to face, so skype works.


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