20, Jul 2013

A Private Reading with Pete Jackson

A Private Reading with Pete Jackson

Peter who has been a Medium for over 18 years has read for thousands of extremely satisfied sitters.

A Private Reading with Pete Jackson can be booked using our contact form. He can visit you, you can visit the Spiritual Truth centre, or he can provide remote readings via Skype/phone.

Is he any good?

He is renowned for his evidential readings.  When you have a Private Reading with Pete Jackson, he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that your loved ones are not only still very much alive in the world of Spirit but are also fully aware of what is happening now.

What will they be like?

Once your friends and loved ones leave their physical bodies they pass to the world of spirit. Although their personalities and beliefs don’t change, they do see things from a different perspective. Peter uses many of the Clair sense to try to bring you the best evidence that can be given accurately and responsibly.  A Private Reading with Pete Jackson will show you will not only hear from Peter what they have to say, but feel their loving presence too

When you have a Private reading with Pete Jackson , you can be assured that he will put you at ease as soon as you meet. He will fully explain how he works, what will happen through the reading, and ensure that you are happy with everything throughout reading.

Book your Private reading now

If you or Peter feel that your reading is not going well after approx 10 minutes has passed, he or you can stop the reading and discuss the reasons why.

If it is decided that your reading will not proceed, you will not be charged.


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