What is Quantum Jumping






Are you familiar with the concept of alternate universes? Some of the world’s leading scientists and quantum physicists have theorized that beyond the universe we live in are an infinite number of alternate universes, where alternate versions of ourselves live out their lives in a world where different circumstances exist, and different choices have been made.

To put it simply, in an alternate universe you could be anything from a king to a business person to a soldier. The possibilities, just like the number of universes out there, are infinite.

Quantum Jumping is a technique used to tap into your subconscious mind to draw out guidance and wisdom to help you progress towards your goals. It’s based on the Theory of Parallel Minds (which is a blend of the Eastern Philosophy of Multiple Lives and Western Quantum Physics). In 2005, then 78-year old Burt Goldman claimed that he developed a program that teaches people how to tap into alternative realities to gain wisdom.

With a combination of visualization and meditation you can experience  Quantum Jumping phenomenon within your mind.


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