Quitting smoking

Does hypnosis work?


How it helped me

In 2007 I went to see a hypnotherapist in the hope that they would help me to quit smoking.

Like all the other times I wasn’t hopeful but was desperate to quit these horrible things that were making my quality of life very poor.

I had tried so many things before but returned to that nasty habit. I had even tried hypnotherapy, but it hadn’t worked.  I was determined that the right therapist for me was out there somewhere and with determination I would find them.

The cigarettes were costing me a fortune and my health was beginning to deteriorate.  I remember waking at 2 am every morning and lighting up a cigarette.  The times I fell asleep with it still lit. So lucky that it didn’t cause a fire.

Had I found the right hypnotherapist?

During my visit I remember the hypnotherapist asking me some questions, mainly why I wanted to quit.  I replied I didn’t want to quit but knew I had to keep trying as I was afraid that I would go the same way as others in my family as well as many many people I knew that had suffered with this nasty addiction


There is no miracle cure

She told me straight that Hypnosis wasn’t a miracle cure, but it would help re-program the mind to remove the need to smoke.

We chatted for a while about the triggers in my life (the times when I would look forward to or turn to a cigarette. And the hypnosis started.

I was expecting to be asleep throughout the hypnosis, but I could hear everything she said.

The bizarre things is that I remember her counting to five and telling me to open my eyes.  I was thinking I have hardly had any time here, but it was much longer than I thought.

Life without cigarettes

I had read that it takes 96 hours for the body to completely rid itself of that horrible addictive substance so i came out of the session optimistic and even counting the time down to when my 96 hours were up.

I remember looking forward to 12:10 on the Thursday that my life without addiction to cigarettes would finally start and I would be free forever, I even made myself a cup of tea to celebrate.


Months later some friends who knew how strong my addiction was asked for the number of my hypnotherapist to which I of course gave it to them, but alas she was nowhere to be found. She had disappeared.  I even began to wonder if she was ever real, but I know she was because she was my inspiration for becoming a hypnotherapist myself.


Help with quitting smoking forever

So many have approached me as a hypnotherapist and asked for help with Smoking cessation and because of my own experiences I understand the importance of listening and understanding the needs of each individual

Smoking not only takes lives but it ruins them

When you are ready to quit smoking you have to truly realise what it is, and has been doing to you, not just from a health and financial perspective but from a subconscious level. It is an addiction and that’s what’s up with addiction; it lays in wait for you. When you have a low point; a tough day at work, a fight at home, a flat tyre, an unexpected illness with your loved one; it strikes!  And then you’re smoking again.  And you make up all these stories about why it’s OK to smoke just that one.

How Do You Stay Stopped?

There’s one big difference between someone who’s quitting and a Permanent Non-Smoker.  The Quitter white knuckles it through but still thinks about smoking and misses it.  The Permanent Non-Smoker no longer gives it a thought. It’s just something they “used to do”.  If they even thinks about it at all.

Your subconscious mind is responsible for so many things

You might think that your subconscious mind is just for making your heartbeat, or stimulating your lungs to breath etc, but it does much much more than that. Your subconscious mind learns  at an early age about life and continues to apply those lessons forever.

You cannot talk to your Subconscious Mind unless in hypnosis

Your subconscious mind controls triggers, urges and cravings; even if those feelings are no longer what you want. But I know I don’t want to smoke anymore and I’ve told my mind that I don’t.  Yes, in your Critical Mind you do know that. Your Critical Mind does maths, listens and responds, talks and plans.  But your Critical Mind is only 12% of your mental power.  You cannot talk to your Subconscious Mind unless in hypnosis.  So, when your mind takes a vote to quit smoking, who wins?
Yes, your Subconscious Mind who has an 88% voting block!

Its was cool to smoke

There may be many reasons you started smoking ,and when you first started smoking cigarettes, you taught your Subconscious Mind that there were very good reasons for it. maybe most of your family smoked,maybe it looked cool, maybe someone you looked up to smoked, or maybe it was the social thing to do, whatever your reasons, your subconscious listened and learned, and learned well.

This is your time to get it right

If you are serious about quitting why not contact me to see if Hypnosis is right for you, there are so many myths about hypnosis but the only way to know if there real or myth is to ask.

Smoking can be a thing of the past if you want it to be

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