01, Nov 2012

“The most important thing a Medium has to do is Represent the World  of Spirit correctly and responsibly”

Peter Jackson

There is so much interest and debating across the world in Spiritualism or life after death.

Is it true? and can I do it?

As a Spiritualist medium I believe 100% that not only is there life after death, but our spirit continues to grow and learn without the stresses of our earthly body, and we can come back and communicate with our loved ones.

Can I do it?

I have been running successful workshops and classes for some time now, and have never come across anyone who has not been able to make a good strong link to the spirit world and prove inteligent life exists.

Pete Jackson, Spiritual Medium

Will they all be mediums?

Mediums? Yes.  Professional Mediums? Some will some won’t.

As long as we can attune ourselves, we can communicate with the World of Spirit.

I see so many debates, and opinions, and some very heated: on whether there are too many mediums out there.

It baffles me that someone who is truly connected to spirit would want exclusivity. Some of my students will become Professional mediums and some will happily continue to come and sit in the energy, and enjoy there connection with the World of Spirit, and that makes them Mediums.

Simply put, if we can pass a message on from the world of Spirit, we are a medium.  To what capacity is quite immaterial.

 I can’t understand it when people say Mediums are born not made

Of course mediums are born and not made, and since we are all born then does that make us all mediums?

Becoming a medium isn’t just about being able to communicate with the spirit world, and passing the message on! I have had so many calls and conversations in my career from sitters that have been told they are going to die, or lose there partner within six months! we must be responsible for what information we pass on from the spirit world, as sometimes we can get things wrong.  Remember as Mediums

We are here to help.

It is about learning to make the connection correctly and passing the message responsibly, and accruately, providing the best evidence and detail we can, and we can only do this by building a strong loving relationship with those in the world of Spirit and this is where training comes in.

Hence a Trained Medium

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