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My thoughts on Spiritualism


It is always interesting and enjoyable to speak at length to fellow mediums about their understanding of spiritualism.

It is also important that as spiritualists we are able to sit and debate, and put our point across constructively without malice or anger.  It would be wrong and quite arrogant of us to insist that our way is the only way, and would certainly stop us from growth within our own spirit

Although the core beliefs are the same, the understanding of the logistics and the mechanics vary considerably from medium to medium.

The end result is usually pretty much the same in the sense that we know it is our loved one that are communicating with us.  Is this religion within a religion? Perhaps not, but it is open to interpretation, and that is what makes us unique in our mediumship and our teachings

I suppose that having principles within a religion rather than rules helps us to express our passion in our own way rather than having to conform to a dogma or creed. One thing we must do though is to remember to respect the views of other mediums, just because it’s our view, doesn’t mean its right for others.

Your journey is your journey, you own it and you are the driver, the more you are aware, the more you will experience.

Have a wonderful new year

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Pete dem 2

You can’t read for all of the people all of the time


Over the years of my development, I have built my relationship with my inner spirit, the spirit world, and those that come to me for readings, tutoring, demonstrations, or just for a cuppa.

I love what I do, and if there ever came a day where my passion went away, then I would say thank you and move on.

It never has, and never will be about the money, although we do live in a material world and have bills to pay.  That said it has to be a passion and not just a job.

When someone comes to you for a reading, they do so for many different reasons,

To connect with their loved ones to know they are still around to help them with decisions they have

To just know that their loved ones are ok

Sometimes they come for a Tarot or Psychic reading to put their lives into perspective

Sometimes they are just intrigued

And sometimes they simply want to test the Medium.

Etc Etc Etc

 Remember all Mediums are Psychic and all Psychics are Mediums, it’s just a matter of how much you want to develop that particular gift.

I, like many Psychics/Mediums do lots of demonstrations, readings and development classes and now coming in to my 19th year of development.

Most of my readings I am happy with (because the sitter is happy) but some go away not receiving what they came for, or sometimes I am not able to connect, maybe they have nobody they recognise in the spirit world, they have never lost anyone, and all known relatives are still alive.

I may be unable to connect psychically with them. There could be many obstacles, but enough is enough, and you will know when that time comes, and a decision has to be made,  One thing you must not do is take it personally.

There are over 7 billion people on the planet, all having similar life experiences, but all completely different and individual.  Mediumship is a tough calling to be in at the best of times, but one thing I have learned is not to beat myself up about those that I simply just cannot read, It will always happen, and sometimes you just can’t connect to someone and you just have to tell them you are not able to read for them at this time.  You will earn more respect by being honest and just saying

 “I am not able to read for you today”  and make another appointment.  You are only Human, and we all have our off days.

Remember you Can read for some of the people some of the time, you can read for some of the people all of the time, but you can’t read for all of the people all of the time

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About us Mediums


As Mediums when we choose to communicate and represent the world of spirit, we leave ourselves open to criticism from anyone who feels that it doesn’t fit in with their understanding of how the universe is laid out.

Comments like what are the lottery numbers, what am I thinking, you should already know etc etc etc. I promise you, you are not the first to say it, and you won’t be the last (We really have heard them all)


To be honest, I just smile at the comments and criticism and pretend that I find them funny.


We humans will always have strong and varying opinions on every subject matter known to man, and that is what makes us Unique.


What makes it all worthwhile is the fact that in my own mind I know that we live on after physical death, we are able to communicate, and guide our friends and loved ones from a higher plane, and yes I can prove that.


As I constantly say, you will never change the mind of a sceptic that doesn’t want their mind changing, nor should you try.  We should just enjoy our journey, smile at the negative comments, trust in your own spirit, and be who you want to be.


Your spiritual journey is your own, and you should never try to walk in another’s footsteps.


Each print should be your own unique footprint.


So irrespective of where you are on your journey, stop and rest for a while, take in what you have seen and experienced

continue with a smile, and know that you are not alone.

Pete Jackson

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Pete at one of his demonstrations

The development of the Medium

As Mediums or sensitives the chances are that we at least felt or been a little different as children

Some of us would have had vivid dreams, spirit friends, some would have difficult childhoods

The variant is enormous.

People used to say to me “if the spirit world want you to work, it will happen” which to me contradicted the free will theory

I now know it is a calling from our own spirit and that that we are all spirit within a physical body calling out to our counterparts like a chick calling for its mother.


Our spirit is unique, and yet part of a greater force, part of the universal energy that permeates around every living thing.  Therefore it is logical that some of us will develop our mediumistic abilities at some time in our life to communicate a message from the world of spirit to human kind.

The timing of that development is of course dictated by the structure of our lives, and some of us never follow that path simply because of circumstance.

When you do decide to follow the path and start to develop you awareness, it is sometimes a thankless task, and will bring you so much frustration in the early days (and throughout your development) However the rewards are certainly worth it since you are talking to the loved ones that have gone before us, you are the representative of the world of spirit, there to uplift and reassure those that have suffered tragic losses and bring the 2 worlds together.

The more you develop the more sensitive you will become and sometime you will be an emotional wreck.  This is why we have to remember to develop ourselves just as much as we develop our senses.  Even more so ourselves.

If we are not right in ourselves, then our mediumship will not be right.

Remember that the happier and comfortable that you and your own spirit are, the higher your vibration, so therefore the better the communication will be.

Are you a nice person?

When you look at yourself who do you see?  Are you angry with the world or some of it? Are you in touch constantly with all you family and friends? Are any of them in need of help? How do you feel about the world today, with the violence and tyranny?

People have their lives to live and their choices to make, but as spiritual people the level we would look to attain is that of understanding and non judgement. To see every situation from its own perspective and give it the help it needs.

Only then I feel would we attain the level that is needed to give the perfect communication.

Until we attain that level we will be who we are whilst trying to understand the world from the perspective of the world of spirit

If we look at spiritualism today in comparison to the early days, I don’t believe there is as much commitment dedication and representation to the spirit world.  When we look to the Mediums that have gone before us they have left a legacy, and they did truly serve and represent the world of spirit.  Not just because they were great mediums, but because they were ambassadors, listening to the needs of the discarnate and incarnate soul alike.

We need to move mediumship forward by understanding ourselves, how we operate and using that understanding to converse with our own spirit.

Remember mental mediumship is subjective and as such

Think positive, and it will be positive


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Totally Tarot

Can anyone be a Medium?

There is an old saying that all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

I feel I need to clarify that point, as it is very confusing.

First of all, everyone is Psychic, and anyone can become a medium


means relating to the soul or mind

A psychic is able to read and interpret the energy of an incarnate spirit (the spirit of a living person/or animal)

Sometimes a Psychic will know things about a person’s past/present and future) and is able to convey that information whilst standing face to face, or at a distance.

 The reason for this is that we are all made of energy, and we are all part of that universal energy, so once we accept this, there are no limits to how and who we can connect to.

Of course reading in to and analyzing someone’s life through reading there energy/aura can be considered intrusive, so I personally do not do it unless I have been specifically asked.

Very often in my readings I will be asked to have a look at a family member to see what they are up to which I will always refuse unless given express permission by that particular person.

For various reasons most of us tend not to develop our psychic ability and it lies dormant in us forever, occasionally showing itself in a dream state, or a particular feeling or premonition, that is just our inner spirit telling you it is still there and will work if needed.

There are many people that have psychic experiences but are afraid because (depending on our state of mind) the interpretation we can put on something can be quite negative and damning.  But remember all interpretation is a matter of perspective, and there are two sides to every scenario.


Mediums are channels that work between the Spirit world and this physical.

My belief is simple, and that is when our physical body dies, our spirit/soul is released and moves to a higher plane of existence

There are some people who have difficulty with this and take some time to adjust.  Some people talk about a soul being trapped between the two worlds.

  I find this hard to believe as you are either here or there; there is no in-between.

 You can of course be possibly depressed and vibrate at a lower frequency that would restrict you from progressing to that higher plane, and therefore need some guidance and healing, this can be done with the help of a medium and those loved ones in the spirit world working together.

Now back to the medium.

  It is my belief that there is no such thing as a natural born medium.  To become a medium in the truest sense of the word, and by this I mean to represent the spirit world wholly and responsibly with understanding and responsibility.

You have to have training

In all my years of teaching, I have found that someone’s first message that  they give in a class under the guidance of an experienced medium is usually the best. This is because there is no expectation, and it is done under the guidance of the tutor)

 Your mediumship itself never changes,  it is your awareness understanding, and responsibility that improves, your passion your inner spirit becomes more recognisable by yourself, and when use your intent to raise your own vibration you will eventually have a seamless connection to those in the world of spirit.

There are two types of mediumship Physical and mental.

I myself at the stage of my life am concentrating on mental mediumship.

This means that everything I get is subjective (in the mind)

As mediums we mainly use four senses





There are many many more senses of course.

And as we develop we constantly become aware of many of the others.

I could write about this forever as it is my passion. But I don’t want to over face you with just my opinions.

Mediumship takes years to develop and I believe it can never be perfected, simply because each and every spirit you connect to has a different and unique personality and way of connecting, they are at different levels of progression (as are you) your guides and helpers are constantly change (according to your need at that time)

The spirit world use symbolisms and your guide will use your memory and experiences to purvey the messages to you.

Remember mediumship is the easiest thing in the world.  It is the development of the medium that takes so long.

As the late great Gordon Higginson once said. We must spiritualize ourselves, it is the only way we will progress.

So the answer to your question is yes you can be a medium, you have that potential within you already. But it takes years of practice and dedication to be the best you can be.

The passion and feeling you get when you truly connect to the spirit world is reward enough

Everything else is a bonus, always strive to be the best you can be

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spirit leaving the body

What Happens When You Die?

As a medium, I get asked so many questions about the afterlife so i have decided to start writing a blog about some of the most popular, please see my post below about my understanding of  What happens when you die?  Remember this and everything written here is my own perception and understanding.

There are many beliefs and understandings about what happens when you die, and realistically we have to be honest, and say we don’t actually know 100%

However as a medium working closely with the spirit world I talk to many souls that have left the physical life, and pass their messages on to loved ones still here.

It is my belief that when the physical body can no longer sustain life it will die, and at that point our soul/spirit will leave, and move to a new higher level of existence.  We will retain our personality, our memories. and for a while we will be recovering mentally from any illness we would have had during our time in the physical world, all our physical ailments/disabilities will no longer exist, and any stress. Anxieties emotional difficulties will leave us with the help of those loved ones and healers that greet us upon our arrival

What will we see?

We will see a world and an environment pretty much the same as our own but our new home will be much brighter, and peaceful, and depending on our level of understanding we will soon start to find our way around.  There are places of worship for all religions understandings and beliefs. remember spirituality is not about religion, religion is something that has been created by man, and just because you are no longer attached to the physical world you will still of course retain your beliefs and perception of the god you prayed to whilst on the earth plane.

We will have a home that will be built for us; we can even eat and drink.  In fact everything we need to help us to adapt to our new home will be provided with love, until such a time that we no longer have a need for the physical things that we were so used to on the earth plane.

This is when we reach a newer level of understanding and our soul/spirit is ready to move to a higher plane of existence.  We may even lose the perception of the physical shape that we had on earth because the need is no longer there.

Does that mean we will never see or hear from them again?

Of course not. Your loved ones are at a higher level/plane of existence, which means that the will be able to come closer to you in times of need, especially to give healing and upliftment whenever it is needed

My loved one was an atheist/agnostic

Remember spirituality is not about religion, and once the spirit of a loved one leaves that physical body, there understanding is instantly different.  It will take them a little while longer to adjust to their new environment but with the help of those that have passed before, they will achieve that understanding.

Everybody at some stage in their life will have a thought about  heaven, does it exist? and what is it like?

Think of your life as a long time of challenging work spent on a difficult earth full of the stresses of everyday life, the ups and downs, and the sad losses we have to cope with wondering if it will ever get better. and do we have something to look forward to when it’s our time to move on.

Then think of your heaven and what you would like to see when this is over.  The perception is yours, depending on where on the planet you live, it is your expectations and understanding of what peace and tranquility is like.  if you lived in the a cold grey part of England, perhaps your wishes for your heaven would be a nice cottage in the country will beautiful sunshine and the beautiful peace and tranquility that comes with it.

However if you were an Eskimo or a north American Indian, your perception would be totally different.

As with any questions and answers about the afterlife, one answer will raise a hundred more questions, so please feel free to contact me if you do have more questions.

And please look out for my next blog

Pete Jackson

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rufford hall

The Intelligence of Spirit

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rufford hall

A little while ago Karen and I decided to visit Speke Hall to have a look around and see if we can connect with any residual or intelligent energies, and of course enjoy the sunshine.

Unfortunately we visited Speke hall on a day that it was closed so we decided to maybe go home and chill in the back garden.  Before leaving the grounds I thought I would have a look to see if there were any other National trust properties close by.  I checked the post code of a place called Rufford old hall, which according to my sat nav was only about 2 miles or so away.

We checked with our friends, and decided to head off to there.  A little bit down the road my sat nav said it was 20ish miles away, clearly I had misread the distance but we decided to carry on anyway.

Once we got to the site I started to walk around and immediately became aware of a chap from the spirit world who told me he had a love of the place, used to work there. He also gave me a name and some other information which I relayed to one of the staff there.  The member of staff said they weren’t sure of the name or the description so off I went and didn’t think too much more about it.

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