Working with Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards


Tarot cards have a mixed reception across the world, some will describe them with a negative outlook

But this of course is not the case for everyone.  For many (used properly) the Tarot cards are a release from what has been a difficult period in the sitters life.  And a sign that the potential is there for it to get better.  For some however, the very mention of Tarot cards strikes fear in to their very heart.


The general reason for tarot having a bad name is that many religions would condemn anything that was esoteric or not in line with their beliefs. There are still many people that still condemn the cards as evil.  The Catholic Church allegedly call them the devils picture book

Tarot Card

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An overview of my Mediumship

An overview of my Mediumship

An overview of my Mediumship


Today I want to talk about the various aspects of my profession and break it down into categories which I hope you will not only find interesting but will answer some of the questions you may have about the Mediumship.

When I speak to people as a whole and mention that I am a Spiritual Medium, they are fascinated and mostly request an on the spot reading.

I always politely refuse and explain that a reading is a very special and personal thing that should not be given halfheartedly in the middle of a street or office and without time to prepare your own spirit.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


From the Spiritual Truth Centre

Being a spiritual person in 2014 or in any year is very difficult.

There are so many negative things happening around the world, and the Media is full of stories of disasters and tragedies.

Even the mad rush to buy last minute pressies and food before Christmas causes mayhem and frustration.  Queues 9 deep at the supermarket, Trolleys and shoppers going in to attack mode as soon as they enter the supermarket, and even the most spiritual people tend to develop the Angry Shopper Syndrome, and release a mouthful of language that could quite possibly be a prayer in Latin (but I doubt that is what it is) Continue reading »

My thoughts on Spiritualism


It is always interesting and enjoyable to speak at length to fellow mediums about their understanding of spiritualism.

It is also important that as spiritualists we are able to sit and debate, and put our point across constructively without malice or anger.  It would be wrong and quite arrogant of us to insist that our way is the only way, and would certainly stop us from growth within our own spirit


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You can’t read for all of the people all of the time

Pete dem 5

Over the years of my development, I have built my relationship with my inner spirit, the spirit world, and those that come to me for readings, tutoring, demonstrations, or just for a cuppa.

I love what I do, and if there ever came a day where my passion went away, then I would say thank you and move on.

It never has, and never will be about the money, although we do live in a material world and have bills to pay.  That said it has to be a passion and not just a job.

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01, Aug 2013

About us Mediums


As Mediums when we choose to communicate and represent the world of spirit, we leave ourselves open to criticism from anyone who feels that it doesn’t fit in with their understanding of how the universe is laid out.

Comments like what are the lottery numbers, what am I thinking, you should already know etc etc etc. I promise you, you are not the first to say it, and you won’t be the last (We really have heard them all)

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16, Mar 2013

The development of the Medium

As Mediums or sensitives the chances are that we at least felt or been a little different as children

Some of us would have had vivid dreams, spirit friends, some would have difficult childhoods

The variant is enormous.

People used to say to me “if the spirit world want you to work, it will happen” which to me contradicted the free will theory

I now know it is a calling from our own spirit and that that we are all spirit within a physical body calling out to our counterparts like a chick calling for its mother.


Our spirit is unique, and yet part of a greater force, part of the universal energy that permeates around every living thing.  Therefore it is logical that some of us will develop our mediumistic abilities at some time in our life to communicate a message from the world of spirit to human kind.

The timing of that development is of course dictated by the structure of our lives, and some of us never follow that path simply because of circumstance.

When you do decide to follow the path and start to develop you awareness, it is sometimes a thankless task, and will bring you so much frustration in the early days (and throughout your development) However the rewards are certainly worth it since you are talking to the loved ones that have gone before us, you are the representative of the world of spirit, there to uplift and reassure those that have suffered tragic losses and bring the 2 worlds together.

The more you develop the more sensitive you will become and sometime you will be an emotional wreck.  This is why we have to remember to develop ourselves just as much as we develop our senses.  Even more so ourselves.

If we are not right in ourselves, then our mediumship will not be right.

Remember that the happier and comfortable that you and your own spirit are, the higher your vibration, so therefore the better the communication will be.

Are you a nice person?

When you look at yourself who do you see?  Are you angry with the world or some of it? Are you in touch constantly with all you family and friends? Are any of them in need of help? How do you feel about the world today, with the violence and tyranny?

People have their lives to live and their choices to make, but as spiritual people the level we would look to attain is that of understanding and non judgement. To see every situation from its own perspective and give it the help it needs.

Only then I feel would we attain the level that is needed to give the perfect communication.

Until we attain that level we will be who we are whilst trying to understand the world from the perspective of the world of spirit

If we look at spiritualism today in comparison to the early days, I don’t believe there is as much commitment dedication and representation to the spirit world.  When we look to the Mediums that have gone before us they have left a legacy, and they did truly serve and represent the world of spirit.  Not just because they were great mediums, but because they were ambassadors, listening to the needs of the discarnate and incarnate soul alike.

We need to move mediumship forward by understanding ourselves, how we operate and using that understanding to converse with our own spirit.

Remember mental mediumship is subjective and as such

Think positive, and it will be positive


What Happens When You Die?



As a medium, I get asked so many questions about the afterlife so i have decided to start writing a blog about some of the most popular, please see my post below about my understanding of  What happens when you die?  Remember this and everything written here is my own perception and understanding.

There are many beliefs and understandings about what happens when you die, and realistically we have to be honest, and say we don’t actually know 100%

However as a medium working closely with the spirit world I talk to many souls that have left the physical life, and pass their messages on to loved ones still here.

It is my belief that when the physical body can no longer sustain life it will die, and at that point our soul/spirit will leave, and move to a new higher level of existence.  We will retain our personality, our memories. and for a while we will be recovering mentally from any illness we would have had during our time in the physical world, all our physical ailments/disabilities will no longer exist, and any stress. Anxieties emotional difficulties will leave us with the help of those loved ones and healers that greet us upon our arrival

What will we see?

We will see a world and an environment pretty much the same as our own but our new home will be much brighter, and peaceful, and depending on our level of understanding we will soon start to find our way around.  There are places of worship for all religions understandings and beliefs. remember spirituality is not about religion, religion is something that has been created by man, and just because you are no longer attached to the physical world you will still of course retain your beliefs and perception of the god you prayed to whilst on the earth plane.

We will have a home that will be built for us; we can even eat and drink.  In fact everything we need to help us to adapt to our new home will be provided with love, until such a time that we no longer have a need for the physical things that we were so used to on the earth plane.

This is when we reach a newer level of understanding and our soul/spirit is ready to move to a higher plane of existence.  We may even lose the perception of the physical shape that we had on earth because the need is no longer there.

Does that mean we will never see or hear from them again?

Of course not. Your loved ones are at a higher level/plane of existence, which means that the will be able to come closer to you in times of need, especially to give healing and upliftment whenever it is needed

My loved one was an atheist/agnostic

Remember spirituality is not about religion, and once the spirit of a loved one leaves that physical body, there understanding is instantly different.  It will take them a little while longer to adjust to their new environment but with the help of those that have passed before, they will achieve that understanding.

Everybody at some stage in their life will have a thought about  heaven, does it exist? and what is it like?

Think of your life as a long time of challenging work spent on a difficult earth full of the stresses of everyday life, the ups and downs, and the sad losses we have to cope with wondering if it will ever get better. and do we have something to look forward to when it’s our time to move on.

Then think of your heaven and what you would like to see when this is over.  The perception is yours, depending on where on the planet you live, it is your expectations and understanding of what peace and tranquility is like.  if you lived in the a cold grey part of England, perhaps your wishes for your heaven would be a nice cottage in the country will beautiful sunshine and the beautiful peace and tranquility that comes with it.

However if you were an Eskimo or a north American Indian, your perception would be totally different.

As with any questions and answers about the afterlife, one answer will raise a hundred more questions, so please feel free to contact me if you do have more questions.

And please take a look at my other blogs

Pete Jackson

27, May 2012

The Intelligence of Spirit

rufford hall

A little while ago Karen and I decided to visit Speke Hall to have a look around and see if we can connect with any residual or intelligent energies, and of course enjoy the sunshine.

Unfortunately we visited Speke hall on a day that it was closed so we decided to maybe go home and chill in the back garden.  Before leaving the grounds I thought I would have a look to see if there were any other National trust properties close by.  I checked the post code of a place called Rufford old hall, which according to my sat nav was only about 2 miles or so away.

We checked with our friends, and decided to head off to there.  A little bit down the road my sat nav said it was 20ish miles away, clearly I had misread the distance but we decided to carry on anyway.

Once we got to the site I started to walk around and immediately became aware of a chap from the spirit world who told me he had a love of the place, used to work there. He also gave me a name and some other information which I relayed to one of the staff there.  The member of staff said they weren’t sure of the name or the description so off I went and didn’t think too much more about it. Continue reading »