18, Aug 2017

If you are interested in Spiritual development then this is for you

What is Mental Mediumship

Mental mediumship involves the relating of information, through communication, via the varied aspects of thought transference.

The results are expressed verbally and must pass through the medium’s mouth.

In a demonstration/One to One reading of spiritual mediumship, it is the medium who hears, sees, and feels what the spirit communicators are relating.

Furthermore, it is the medium’s function to relay the information with minimum personal influence and prejudice to the recipient of the message, also known as the sitter.

The development of mediumship requires time, study, hard work, and above all, patience. Despite the promises of what so many weekend intensives may promise, there is nothing “instant” about mediumship.

Always work with a group of people who share your interests.

Decide what type of medium you want to be

Are you Spiritual Medium, or a Psychic Medium or both

If you are working with Spirit then the information should come from spirit
If you are working psychically the information should come from the sitter

Mediums are living beings with a brain and mind governed by lifelong habits. Every person’s mind is full of tendencies, capacities, desires, ideas and habits. These are so vital that, in the main, they govern the way in which we think and behave.

All controlling entities desirous of communicating through a medium find themselves as much under the control of the medium as the medium is under theirs. The consequence is, if the medium is untrained, then the communication will be less successful. The reverse is also true. A well-trained medium will, with few exceptions, produce better results.

Every night, while most of us sleep, our spirits separate from the earthly confines and visit the Spirit world.

We often experience that visitation through dreams. Sometimes, those dreams are coloured by our fears, cares, and concerns; sometimes not. Many are the people who claim they have visited departed loved ones in their dreams. The sceptic will say that such experiences result from wishful thinking, manifested in those dreams. But, most people know better: these precious experiences are far more than wishful thinking.

So, you see, the first thing we have to understand about the Spirit world is that we do not have to die in order for us to visit this grand place. Furthermore, we can be in touch with our departed loved ones, even while on earth


 What Do We Do in the Spirit World?

This is a question which many people ask. It stems from the fact that we are so ingrained to perceiving life only through the physical form that we simply cannot imagine what one can do without a physical body. For so many, no body and no earth translate into NO LIFE.

In Spirit, we do not go to jobs, we do not have to earn money, we do not have to worry about mortgages and food on the table; these are all aspects of earthly life. So, what’s left? Very simple: LIFE. We engage in life and living.

What motivates us on the Earth plane will, very likely, motivate us in Spirit. Death accomplishes one thing: it allows us to shed the earthly body and move through the doorway.

We do not change dramatically, nor do we become all-knowing and perfect.

We are the same person on that side of the threshold as we are on this side of the threshold. For many, this is disappointing. It would be nice to think that death suddenly removes all problems, all obstacles.

Once in Spirit, we devote much time to assessing the recent earth life; we look at how we could have done things better, how we treated those close to us, and how we treated ourselves.  After healing and training we can come close to our loved ones and try to help them through their physical lives using the wisdom we have attained from losing our earthly chains.

If we are able, we will give a communication through a Medium who we hope will be able to convey

our thoughts and feelings.

Here are some Points that may help with  your development

You must first develop your inner self.

Never try to prove that you are psychic our mediumistic.

Evidence should only ever be the end result of your relationship with the spirit, incarnate or discarnate.


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Learning should be fun, so enjoy your day.







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