26, Jan 2015

Absolute Beginners Workshop

Spiritual Truth Centre

Absolute Beginners course


Pete Jackson

Keep an eye out for our next course

Runs for 6 consecutive Wednesdays

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Beginners Course
20, Nov 2014

Six week Mediumship Beginners course

Spiritual Truth

 Beginners Six week course

Tarot Workshop

Pete & Karen return with the new 6 week beginners course for developing your

Psychic & mediumship skills

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Tarot Course
20, Nov 2014

Totally Tarot 6 week course

Totally Tarot 6 week course with Pete Jackson

 Join Me Pete Jackson for a weekend of intense learning

Get an insight into reading tarot cards for yourself or others.

I have been a medium and Tarot reader for nearly 20 years now, and have taught in both areas. Many of my students are now professional readers in their own right, and well respected in their field.

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20, Jul 2013

Spiritual Truth Centre

The Spiritual Truth Centre

The Spiritual Truth Centre

Welcome to the Spiritual Truth Centre

A haven for all your Psychic & spiritual needs!

At the Spiritual Truth Centre we pride ourselves on ensuring that you feel relaxed as soon as you walk through our doors, whether you are coming for:

  • A reading with one of our top UK mediums
  • Demonstration of mediumship
  • Past life regression
  • An amazing Crystal therapy session by Natalie
  • Development class
  • Meditation
  • or one of our many other products we offer

You will understand why we recieve visitors from all over the country

The Spiritual Truth Centre Development Classes

Coming soon

Absolute beginners to advanced

The Spiritual Truth Centre Meditation

Are you Stressed – Just need some time to yourself –  The Spiritual Truth Centre holds meditation sessions every Friday

1pm -2pm

£2 per person

Past Life Regression

Have you ever thought you have been somewhere before

Do you have a fear that you can’t explain

Then Past life regression could be for you.

Call us or drop in to the Spiritual Truth Centre for more information

Spiritual Truth Centre

87 Higher Parr Street


Tel 07739 333561


01, Nov 2012

So You Want To Be A Medium?

“The most important thing a Medium has to do is Represent the World  of Spirit correctly and responsibly”

Peter Jackson

There is so much interest and debating across the world in Spiritualism or life after death.

Is it true? and can I do it?

As a Spiritualist medium I believe 100% that not only is there life after death, but our spirit continues to grow and learn without the stresses of our earthly body, and we can come back and communicate with our loved ones.

Can I do it?

I have been running successful workshops and classes for some time now, and have never come across anyone who has not been able to make a good strong link to the spirit world and prove inteligent life exists.

Pete Jackson, Spiritual Medium

Will they all be mediums?

Mediums? Yes.  Professional Mediums? Some will some won’t.

As long as we can attune ourselves, we can communicate with the World of Spirit.

I see so many debates, and opinions, and some very heated: on whether there are too many mediums out there.

It baffles me that someone who is truly connected to spirit would want exclusivity. Some of my students will become Professional mediums and some will happily continue to come and sit in the energy, and enjoy there connection with the World of Spirit, and that makes them Mediums.

Simply put, if we can pass a message on from the world of Spirit, we are a medium.  To what capacity is quite immaterial.

 I can’t understand it when people say Mediums are born not made

Of course mediums are born and not made, and since we are all born then does that make us all mediums?

Becoming a medium isn’t just about being able to communicate with the spirit world, and passing the message on! I have had so many calls and conversations in my career from sitters that have been told they are going to die, or lose there partner within six months! we must be responsible for what information we pass on from the spirit world, as sometimes we can get things wrong.  Remember as Mediums

We are here to help.

It is about learning to make the connection correctly and passing the message responsibly, and accruately, providing the best evidence and detail we can, and we can only do this by building a strong loving relationship with those in the world of Spirit and this is where training comes in.

Hence a Trained Medium

See a list of our forthcoming Workshop dates

Note: the views on this and all other pages on this website, are my beliefs, and do not necessarily reflect that of any other individuals or organisations

Psychic/Mediumship workshops
24, Oct 2012

Psychic / Mediumship Workshops


Interview with Peter Jackson (Medium)

Make this year  the year you defined who you were

This year will see a series of workshops to help you gain or expand your knowledge and understanding mediumship perspective

By understanding the difference between various types of energy, you can broaden your understanding and awarenes in any situation

Peter Jackson has experience and is well respected in his mediumship

At our Psychic / Mediumship Workshops you will learn about many different aspects of Psychic and Mediumship

Psychic/Mediumship workshops

We can teach you how to:

  • Build your confidence
  • Understand the difference between residual and intelligent energy
  • Auras, and how to read Auras
  • How to read with ribbons, and work with colours
  • How to build your energy
  • The difference between guides, gatekeepers and helpers
  • Meditation for various purposes
  • Help you to be aware of and use the 3 main Clair senses
    (Clairvoyance Clairaudience Clairsentience)
  • Enhance your awareness, and build on your relationship with the Spirit world

These Psychic / Mediumship Workshops are designed for people at any stage of their development, and will  show you how to connect to your own spirit, how to connect with your spirit guides work with colours to enhance you Psyche, and how to connect to the spirit world, and build a good relationship

Peter has a very practical, and simple approach to mediumship, all who attend his classes and workshops find this method very effective.

We are in the process of finalising dates, activities etc for 2014

Please bookmark this page, and keep checking back for a venue near you.

Alternatively, contact me if you would like a workshop in your area, or in your Church

We look forward to working with you in the very near future

24, Oct 2012

Development Classes

Brand new Development class starting

March 10th


Delamere Community Centre

Eastham Wirral

CH62 9ED


We’re BACK!!!

Regular Spiritual development classes

Regular Spiritual development classes

Pete Jackson

Returns with his classes for developing your Psychic & mediumship skills. You are invited to come along on Monday evenings

Do you want to learn how to develop your psychic & mediumistic abilities or Or just how the Psyche works? These classes are designed for anyone who would like to understand the fundamentals of the spirit and how it works in conjunction with our mind and bodies.

What happens when you die?

What is an Aura, do you have one? What are chakras, what are their functions Do I have clogged Chakras?

Chakra activation by meditation - 2

What is meditation for, and how can I do it?

Pete will take you through talks and experiments designed to help you understand what it takes to become aware of your own spirit.

Remember these classes aren’t just about training as a medium, it is developing you as a spirit which will enhance your self awareness for many purposes.

You will be working with energies, finding out how to build yours, and helping your mind and body to become one.

You will also be shown How to understand and read with colour How to build and protect your energy The difference between guides, gatekeepers and helpers Meditation for various purposes

To be aware of and use your main Clair senses (Clairvoyance Clairaudience Clairsentience claircognizance)

You will be encouraged to have an inquisitive mind, be aware of personal responsibility and most importantly……………..


As past pupils already know, Pete guides according to your ability and makes everyone feel at ease


Development classes start on Monday 10th March 2014
7 – 9 pm
£5 per class
Delamere Community Centre Delamere Avenue Eastham Wirral CH62 9ED
For more information call Karen on

07739 333561