What Actually Happens During A Spiritual Or Psychic Reading?


At The Spiritual Truth Centre you can have either a Spiritual Reading

(contact with a loved one)

Or a Psychic Reading (about your own life path and purpose).

Sometimes at different points in people’s lives they feel that either

A Spiritual or Psychic reading would be important or useful for them.


What happens during a Spiritual reading?
Peter explains, “When someone comes to us for a sitting or reading to communicate
with a loved one who has passed on, all that we ask is that they relax,
and let us do what we do best.

It is important that they relax, and just answer our questions by saying “Yes, no or you don’t know.
If you have a communication from us, you will know your loved one is there.
You will notice their personality, how they passed,
you will indeed have a conversation with them through your medium.
People find this an extremely comforting and pleasurable experience felt on a deep soulful level.
I can’t count how many times we have proven to people that their loved ones do not just survive physical death
but they progress and walk with us in our daily life, inspire us, love us and guide us.”

What happens during a Psychic Reading?
“During a psychic reading, again, all that we ask is that you relax into it. We can use many things to assist us with a psychic reading such as Tarot Cards, Psychometry (holding an object) and doing an Aura Reading (which we will discuss in a future blog).
These methods help us to assess your current energies and help to read your life path. It is ultimately is about connecting to your spirit, and reading your life: past, present and future. We all follow a spiritual path and psychic guidance can sometimes help us with our journey.
Before going, consider your objectives and questions. What do you ideally want to get out of the reading? It is also important not to expect the answer to all your questions in one session! Sometimes the messages that come during one session might not make sense initially, but later down the line you realise they make sense for you. So be patient.
Are you at a cross roads in your life and unsure which way to go? Do you feel that rationally your life is going well but there is a nagging, underlying feeling that something is not right? You may have a past hurts that need emotionally resolving and healing on a deeper level.
There is no set structure to a psychic reading as each one is different depending on the psychic and the person being read. Having realistic expectations and an open mind will help both you and your psychic.”
The Spiritual Centre, St Helens
Peter and Karen Jackson have been doing these readings for over 30 years between them. They offer sessions mid-week and at the weekend as well as a series of workshops for those who wish to develop their own psychic abilities.
Remote Sessions work just as well
Don’t worry if you live far away. You can also book readings by Skype. People are astounded to find that ‘remote’ sessions also work very well and provide accurate information. Psychic energy is great at travelling fast!

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