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Can We Ever Atone

Are we judged?

The light that I see comin in from the rain
Appears much brighter, after that terrible pain
I’ll just close my eyes and let them adjust
Then suddenly I feel a bit of a gust
The place looks familiar, but then again not
It is not warm, not cold, it’s not even hot
The sun doesn’t shine, and yet it’s not dim
But wait, who is that man.  Oh it’s my Uncle Jim.


I know he’s been dead for a good 30 years
But the feeling I get, brings me to tears
What has just happened I ask like I know?
It was your time my child and you had to let go.


The pain and the suffering you previously said,
Is no longer there as your body has shed
The earth you can visit, but the first thing you must do
Is to adjust to your heaven and everything new


Soon we will meet the loved ones you mourn
And then you will see that they will no longer scorn
For they are the same, but the anger they shed
When discarded there physical and put it to bed


The love that you’ll feel is like nothing before
Oh! Here is your cottage, lets walk through the door.


Standing before me was my mum and my dad
And then came the tears but not cuz I’m sad
The elation I feel fills me with love
It’s true; there really is a heaven above


But I don’t deserve this cuz I wasn’t good
I once hit my sister so hard it brought blood,
I stole the milk from the neighbours step
And kicked there sheepdog the one they call shep
I once had a fight whilst drunk in a bar
And just to get home, I stole a nice car


I have been to prison for what I have done
Carried a knife, and I’ve used a gun
Yes I did change when I got older,
But do I have the right to stand next to a soldier
That has died for his country, and never once moaned
Yes said my uncle, because you just atoned.


You remembered the things you did that were bad
And realised they’re wrong, and it made you sad
But those that you helped when you were older
A pauper, a prince and even this soldier


You see I had a bad chapter and verse
Then I realised my errors, and trained as a nurse
As I was walking home from a bar,
I heard the screeching of a speeding car
And as I turned a child I could see,
And knew that to save him there was only me
I hastily rushed to move him out of the way,
But the car hit me, and then sped away.


For all that I’d done, and for all that I’ve bin
I had just atoned for every sin
This life I had saved, and I never forgot,
His dad years ago was the one that I shot.


Written by
Peter Jackson

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