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How Do We Change

I wonder often when our loved ones pass

If they see things different from a higher class

For there bodies have shed, and also the pain

Leaving that physical for a much higher plain

To themselves they look at all that they did

From the day of there passing back to when they were a kid


For we are not born with a specific mould

Its habits we gather, as we grow old

The influence the lies the hurt and the pain

Are things that we judge on the much higher plain

Then we can look at the truth of it all,

Atone for our sins, and then we’ll stand tall


Now just let me say how the spirit world works.

Nothings for free, and there’s no perks

All that you get, will be all that you earn

And if you need more lessons then you can return

To the physical life, but not like before

It could be a policeman, a lawyer, priest, or a bore

It all depends on the needs of your soul

To go to that higher place once you’ve reached you goal

But none of its easy as I’m sure you will know

By the way your life’s been and the way it will go

Now nothing is planned because of free will

If we move on, or if we stand still


It’s all up to us with the path that we choose

Then theirs the loved ones we’ll ultimately lose

At that point we ask, why have they gone

Well their bodies have died, and they had to move on.

For now starts again the atonement they seek

Before they come back through a medium this week


Written by

Peter Jackson

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