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I Needed To Sleep

I needed to sleep I waited so long, and now your listening to all those sad songs

These songs are written for only one reason, to get us trough this sad passing season

But as time goes by the songs they will change, to happier ones in the partying range

I never meant to leave you alone, but the time has to come when I have to go home


I want to come back but that’s not how it’s done,

I’m missing my husband, my daughter and sons.

As I look around me at all I survey, feeling that warmth of a nice sunny day

I want for nothing, it’s a spiritual thing, I go to mass, and love when they sing

The trees are green and the sky is blue, I’m with all my family, and that includes you


I think of something and it is here, I think of my family, and I am near

I can sit on my own and think of the past and then I wonder how long this will last

It last forever says a voice that I know, the love that you feel will never go

I once seen a film that looked like this place, I remember thinking now wouldn’t that be ace

And now I can see it in all its attire if feels very warm, but I don’t need the fire.

I smell the flowers I feel the grass, I know there’s no good time for a loved one to pass.

But we all have our time, and I wait for you here, I’ll always be around, cuz I love you all so dear


By Peter Jackson

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