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I Want To Be Me

I often wonder who I’d be, if I hadn’t decided to be me

Maybe be a boxer, or maybe a clown, or an elegant queen in her regal gown

I can’t decide, what it is I’ll be, and what I want my people to see

They’ll see me laugh they’ll see me cry, and will the weep when I die


Why do we worry about who we are, and how rich by the type of car

You see I am a spirit from the other side, and I chose my path till the day I died

I look at the world that I sadly miss, and wish id had give that final kiss

When were first born we have no thought about our life, or the happiness sought

But as we grow we follow our peers, and all the politics waste our years


For we look at man, and how we rage, until we reach a ripe old age

What is it we seek, and why do we look, its like our life has to be a book

Everyone knows the good the bad, and life in general makes us sad

But we can laugh, and make othes smile, so lets all just do it once in a while


Not cuz were spirit, and not cuz we could, but just cuz we can, and to make us feel good

So next time your thinking about what you can be, just think of your world and all that you see

Take a step back and look at your life talk to your children, or husband or wife

Then look again, at what you really see, then say to yourself

I just want to be me..


By Peter Jackson

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