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Nobody Knows

Nobody knows how I’m feeling today; I Just can’t find the right words to say

It comes out in anger instead of sorrow; I hope I will feel better tomorrow

I know that I’m used to being with you, whilst your not here, I know not what to do

So I sit and I moan, I shout and I curse, for the proper words fail me, that’s what is worse.

I feel so alone, but is that down to me?  Should I be there? Would you be for me?

I am hurting too, but you cannot conceive,  cuz you’ve just lost your mother, and I know you should grieve

But that doesn’t help because I feel sad, and know that you need to be with your dad

You think writing poems would make me feel good, but what use are they when there not understood

I know this self pity is all down to me, but I can’t help how I feel, and how I see

I’m writing these words because that’s how I feel, is it thinking too much? Or is it real

Do I need to get off my chair and do  –  something constructive but what can I do

I could clean the house, or the mess in the Yard, just motivating myself seems to be hard

I think about leaving but what will that do, come on ya softy just think things through

With a positive head, and and unbiased mind, think of my wife, and how she is kind.

Her family need her, and that is right now, so that’s where she is so I must allow

This time to be spent, and stop being mean, get off my high horse, and get the house clean.

By Peter Jackson

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