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Can each of us be honest, and say that we’ve been good?
Did our Jesus really die to save our precious blood?
Is there really spirit world watching as we grow?
Do you think that we can trust? Will we truly ever know?


Can each of us be honest and say we never hate
Can we stand and say that truth whilst standing at god’s gate
Say that we have never raged or struck a single blow
Can we pass without a fault when it’s our time to go?


Can we lose a child and never question why?
Is it really there with god, in that place up in the sky?
And then there’s war and tragedy surely that’s not fate
What if when you’re dead your dead, and there’s no-one there to wait


Why are we so different – from others in their quest?
Why should we think our spiritual truth is truer than the rest?
Is my father standing by and helping all the time
Do I really have inspirers, helping with this rhyme?
Do I really have your mother here proving every fact?
Or is it just a clever ploy, because I’ve learned to act


I don’t really think so, and let me tell you why
Why I think our family’s there in that heaven in the sky
I really have my dad here I feel it in my bones
Of course I am not perfect, I have my gripes and moans
I can truly tell you all that I’m not always good
And I do believe that Jesus died to save our precious blood
I can’t say I’ve never raged or struck a single blow
And I won’t die without a fault when it’s my time to go?


I do believe the spirit world – is there when life is tough
I know it cuz it’s in my heart – I believe it that’s enough
Of course when someone close is lost, we lose them when they die
But only in the physical sense and of course we question why
But really In our heart of hearts a spiritualist does know
That you will always be around – and drop by to say hello
Not because we’re fools at all, no we can’t stand aloof
We accept and we know this fact
Simply because of


Written by
Peter Jackson

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