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Where can we go

Where can we go

Where can a lion walk with a deer?

And there is no killer instinct, and no natural fear.

Where can the sun shine on the snow

yet not melt it, just make it glow

Where can man fight, but only use talk

and walk safely along the streets of New York


Where is this world that all this could be

surely not where I live, or can I not see?

The spirit within us can see it around

but never quite reach it because we are bound

To learn all our lessons on this physical plain

To walk through the snow and the wind and the rain

But once our long journey is near at an end

Our friends in the spirit, those who transcend.

Will take us to heaven to that place we have seen

That does all the above, just like it was in our dreams


And when we are there, what can we do

shall we look at our lives, and think it all through

Can we change what we were and what we have done

or can we atone, and simply move on

The secret is simple, for now we’re we have shed

that physical body and put it to bed.

We don’t know all the answers but advice we can give

with an unbiased opinion to help you to live.


You don’t have to accept it, because of free will

Oh and there’s healing we give when you’re ill

In a world where time plays no part in our task

We are only a thought away, so the question you ask.

Is what is it like in this world that you tour,

Well it’s just like our old one

But with all love, and no war


Written by
Peter Jackson
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