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The development of the Medium


Pete Jackson


As Mediums or sensitives the chances are that we at least felt or been a little different as children

Some of us would have had vivid dreams, spirit friends, some would have difficult childhoods

The variant is enormous.




People used to say to me “if the spirit world want you to work, it will happen” which to me contradicted the free will theory

I now know it is a calling from our own spirit and that that we are all spirit within a physical body calling out to our counterparts like a chick calling for its mother.


Our spirit is unique, and yet part of a greater force, part of the universal energy that permeates around every living thing.  Therefore it is logical that some of us will develop our mediumistic abilities at some time in our life to communicate a message from the world of spirit to human kind.

The timing of that development is of course dictated by the structure of our lives, and some of us never follow that path simply because of circumstance.

When you do decide to follow the path and start to develop you awareness, it is sometimes a thankless task, and will bring you so much frustration in the early days (and throughout your development) However the rewards are certainly worth it since you are talking to the loved ones that have gone before us, you are the representative of the world of spirit, there to uplift and reassure those that have suffered tragic losses and bring the 2 worlds together.

The more you develop the more sensitive you will become and sometime you will be an emotional wreck.  This is why we have to remember to develop ourselves just as much as we develop our senses.  Even more so ourselves.

If we are not right in ourselves, then our mediumship will not be right.

Remember that the happier and comfortable that you and your own spirit are, the higher your vibration, so therefore the better the communication will be.

Are you a nice person?

When you look at yourself who do you see?  Are you angry with the world or some of it? Are you in touch constantly with all you family and friends? Are any of them in need of help? How do you feel about the world today, with the violence and tyranny?

People have their lives to live and their choices to make, but as spiritual people the level we would look to attain is that of understanding and non judgement. To see every situation from its own perspective and give it the help it needs.

Only then I feel would we attain the level that is needed to give the perfect communication.

Until we attain that level we will be who we are whilst trying to understand the world from the perspective of the world of spirit


If we look at spiritualism today in comparison to the early days, I don’t believe there is as much commitment dedication and representation to the spirit world.  When we look to the Mediums that have gone before us they have left a legacy, and they did truly serve and represent the world of spirit.  Not just because they were great mediums, but because they were ambassadors, listening to the needs of the discarnate and incarnate soul alike.

We need to move mediumship forward by understanding ourselves, how we operate and using that understanding to converse with our own spirit.

Remember mental mediumship is subjective and as such

Think positive, and it will be positive


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