27, May 2012

rufford hall

A little while ago Karen and I decided to visit Speke Hall to have a look around and see if we can connect with any residual or intelligent energies, and of course enjoy the sunshine.

Unfortunately we visited Speke hall on a day that it was closed so we decided to maybe go home and chill in the back garden.  Before leaving the grounds I thought I would have a look to see if there were any other National trust properties close by.  I checked the post code of a place called Rufford old hall, which according to my sat nav was only about 2 miles or so away.

We checked with our friends, and decided to head off to there.  A little bit down the road my sat nav said it was 20ish miles away, clearly I had misread the distance but we decided to carry on anyway.

Once we got to the site I started to walk around and immediately became aware of a chap from the spirit world who told me he had a love of the place, used to work there. He also gave me a name and some other information which I relayed to one of the staff there.  The member of staff said they weren’t sure of the name or the description so off I went and didn’t think too much more about it.

As I was walking further in to the building, Karen came to me and said that there is an elderly lady that would like to meet me in the courtyard, so off I went.

The lady told me her name and asked me to give the description name and other details to her as I had got them in the hall.

As I was talking to her, I quickly realised that the chap I had been talking to in the house was none other than her husband who had previously passed to the spirit world.  I told her that we shouldn’t even be there, but I mistakenly read the distance (what a stroke of luck eh?)

She said that the message was a great help to her, and we arranged to meet up again sometime in the future.

We left the amazing place and never met with the lady again.

That was until recently when she called to book a reading with me.  We arranged to visit on the Sunday afternoon after a service at Southport Spiritualist Church.

As I walked in to her House I was drawn to the dining room, and although she was reluctant, I persuaded her to have the reading in the dining room.

Her husband of course came through after her mum and dad, and gave such an amazing amount of evidence and love, the reading ended and we sat and had a well earned cuppa with the lady

the lady went on to tell me that she had taken the passing of her husband so badly that she was extremely low, and felt that she would not recover from it.  That was until she met me at Rufford Old hall, and after hearing from her husband it pulled her out of her low ebb, and gave her the strength to carry on, during the reading her husband mentioned that he wanted her to sit like they used to in the dining room

After the reading she also told me that she hadn’t sat in the dining room since his passing, and was extremely reluctant to have the reading in there.  She was so pleased she did, and is now happy to sit in her favourite chair right next to her husband’s favourite chair.

on reflection you have to look at the intelligence of the spirit world for bringing us together and to help this lost soul after the loss of her dear loved one, this I know restored hope to someone who loved and still loves her husband dearly

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  1. wow pete there is always a reason,and when you suddenly take a different
    turn or decide to go somewhere but for no particular reason, there is one,xx

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