It is always interesting and enjoyable to speak at length to fellow mediums about their understanding of spiritualism.

It is also important that as spiritualists we are able to sit and debate, and put our point across constructively without malice or anger.  It would be wrong and quite arrogant of us to insist that our way is the only way, and would certainly stop us from growth within our own spirit


Although the core beliefs are the same, the understanding of the logistics and the mechanics vary considerably from medium to medium.

The end result is usually pretty much the same in the sense that we know it is our loved one that are communicating with us.  Is this religion within a religion? Perhaps not, but it is open to interpretation, and that is what makes us unique in our mediumship and our teachings

I suppose that having principles within a religion rather than rules helps us to express our passion in our own way rather than having to conform to a dogma or creed. One thing we must do though is to remember to respect the views of other mediums, just because it’s our view, doesn’t mean its right for others.

Your journey is your journey, you own it and you are the driver, the more you are aware, the more you will experience.

Have a wonderful new year

One thought on “My thoughts on Spiritualism

  1. Couldn’t agree more Pete. Talking with others about their views really opens your mind to develop your own thoughts and understanding. I find that if you’re open to a friendly discussion even with a religious person, they can often listen and discuss without getting all defensive. It’s sometimes a mirror of our own attitude when people get defensive about their beliefs.

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