As a medium, I get asked so many questions about the afterlife so i have decided to start writing a blog about some of the most popular, please see my post below about my understanding of  What happens when you die?  Remember this and everything written here is my own perception and understanding.

There are many beliefs and understandings about what happens when you die, and realistically we have to be honest, and say we don’t actually know 100%

However as a medium working closely with the spirit world I talk to many souls that have left the physical life, and pass their messages on to loved ones still here.

It is my belief that when the physical body can no longer sustain life it will die, and at that point our soul/spirit will leave, and move to a new higher level of existence.  We will retain our personality, our memories. and for a while we will be recovering mentally from any illness we would have had during our time in the physical world, all our physical ailments/disabilities will no longer exist, and any stress. Anxieties emotional difficulties will leave us with the help of those loved ones and healers that greet us upon our arrival

What will we see?

We will see a world and an environment pretty much the same as our own but our new home will be much brighter, and peaceful, and depending on our level of understanding we will soon start to find our way around.  There are places of worship for all religions understandings and beliefs. remember spirituality is not about religion, religion is something that has been created by man, and just because you are no longer attached to the physical world you will still of course retain your beliefs and perception of the god you prayed to whilst on the earth plane.

We will have a home that will be built for us; we can even eat and drink.  In fact everything we need to help us to adapt to our new home will be provided with love, until such a time that we no longer have a need for the physical things that we were so used to on the earth plane.

This is when we reach a newer level of understanding and our soul/spirit is ready to move to a higher plane of existence.  We may even lose the perception of the physical shape that we had on earth because the need is no longer there.

Does that mean we will never see or hear from them again?

Of course not. Your loved ones are at a higher level/plane of existence, which means that the will be able to come closer to you in times of need, especially to give healing and upliftment whenever it is needed

My loved one was an atheist/agnostic

Remember spirituality is not about religion, and once the spirit of a loved one leaves that physical body, there understanding is instantly different.  It will take them a little while longer to adjust to their new environment but with the help of those that have passed before, they will achieve that understanding.

Everybody at some stage in their life will have a thought about  heaven, does it exist? and what is it like?

Think of your life as a long time of challenging work spent on a difficult earth full of the stresses of everyday life, the ups and downs, and the sad losses we have to cope with wondering if it will ever get better. and do we have something to look forward to when it’s our time to move on.

Then think of your heaven and what you would like to see when this is over.  The perception is yours, depending on where on the planet you live, it is your expectations and understanding of what peace and tranquility is like.  if you lived in the a cold grey part of England, perhaps your wishes for your heaven would be a nice cottage in the country will beautiful sunshine and the beautiful peace and tranquility that comes with it.

However if you were an Eskimo or a north American Indian, your perception would be totally different.

As with any questions and answers about the afterlife, one answer will raise a hundred more questions, so please feel free to contact me if you do have more questions.

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Pete Jackson

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  1. After reading this blog, I felt there was a lot of information to absorb, it has made me think more about life after death & my belifs xx

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